Places I Want to Visit

As I may have expressed a tiny bit in some of my blog posts I am experiencing such a travel lust these days, it’s insane. This has got me thinking both about places I have been and want to go back to and about the places that I’ve never been, but that are sort of on my ‘travel bucket list’. I love day dreaming about travelling and going on adventures, so I thought I’d let you daydream along with me in this post. Since I’ve never been to any of these places and don’t have any pictures of my own I thought I’d put together 5 different ‘postcards’ that I made out of pictures from Google. Let’s go:


I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just this drive inside of me that longs to this place. The strong nature forces makes me think of it as such a free place and I would love to see all the natural forces in action. Like the geysirs and the blue lagoon. But mostly, I just really want to go on a trip with Icelandic horses. I’ve ridden Icelandic horses before in Norway, and they are such strong and independent creatures. To combine a horseback trip with such beautiful nature is just an absolute dream.


I feel lik everyone has to visit Rome at least one time in their lives. And I have actually never even been to Italy. The thing that I’m most attracted to is the history of the city. Just imagine how it was living in Ancient Rome? I’m also so in love with the architecture of European cities and I long to walk in the small, busy, paved streets of Rome.


Have you guys ever heard of this place? Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. It’s basically neighbors with the North Pole. You may have heard rumors that we have polar bears walking in the streets in Norway. We don’t really. Except here. And that’s the only bit that scares me a bit about visiting, haha. But again I’m drawn by the nature forces and beauty of this place. A lot of my family members have actually lived here as well, so I have heard so many stories and really want to see it for myself.


I remember in high school I had a friend from Budapest and she always told me the funniest and most lively stories about this city. I have been to Hungary before, but we never got to visit Budapest and I was so gutted. It just seems like such a cool city full of life and all the Hungarians I have met in my life are such lovely and fun people.


Lastly, I really want to visit Tokyo. And this is actually a bit out of my comfort zone as I have almost never left the European continent, haha. I’m a very ‘home loving’ person and when things are too different I can get a little bit scared. But the different is also what draws me in about Tokyo. It’s such a different culture than what I come from and I’m so fascinated about the Japanese culture – it’s such a rich culture! Also, Tokyo seems like a MASSIVE city to me with it’s 13.6 million people compared to the 600 000 living in my city, and I just feel like that would be such an experience.

Have you ever been to any of these places? What top 5 places do you want to visit?


OOTD: The Perfect Coat

Hello, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week!

To me, it is a week full of studying. I feel like I have so much work to do and I don’t really know where to start. I have been reading and making notes about ‘Motivation and Emotion’ since about 11 am though, so I feel like I’ve been a little bit productive. Anyways, you probably didn’t click this post to hear me complain about uni. Here is my outfit of the day:


| Coat – URBAN | Turtleneck – My mothers closet | Jeans – BIKBOK | Shoes – PAVEMENT | Bag – MICHAEL KORS |

I am wearing my coat from Urban(not Urban Outfitters) which was kind of an impulsive buy from my side last year, and I am so happy I bought it. I got a tip from a friend that they had up to 50% off all their coats, so I just had to have one – what a bargainnn. I have worn it ever since. It is quite thick so you can wear it throughout the winter, but it is also perfect for fall. And I absolutely love the color(is grey a color, haha?)




My Michael Kors bag is the only designer bag I own. I bought it 3 years ago in New York. I have a really ambivalent relationship with this bag. Some days I love it, some days I’m not so fond of it. I think I grew a bit tired when every other girl in high school wore it too. And I don’t like to look the same as everyone, haha. But I do like this bag. I’m really glad I went for the color that I did, though, it’s such a classic and will never really go out of style. It is also a nice medium sized bag that fits a lot.





For the first time since I got it I am not wearing my Kylie lipstick, haha. I still really wanted to wear it, as it would match everything perfectly, but I decided to be brave and switch things up a bit. Therefore I went for the NYX lingerie in the shade ‘Embellishment’ instead. And yes, my hair is in a bun, don’t we all have those days? Haha.

Now I’m gonna treat myself to a beetroot-burger, say whaat? I think it’s gonna taste really good actually. Hope you are all having a wonderful evening. ♥

img_3142(Tried to take a cool photo of me throwing leaves, hahah)


Fall Favorites Tag

Hello you lovely bunch, it’s me. Yes, I am still alive. These last few days had just been extremely hectic. I’ve had school + I’ve been working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Plus, I have also tried to have a life and socialize with my friends. I’m feeling a bit dissapointed in myself for not having posted anything these past days, but I just have not found the time. Also, Fall has come here in Norway, meaning shorter days and it’s getting a lot darker. I’m struggling to find a time of the day where I’m not busy and the sun is still out so that I can take good pictures for you guys.

Anyways, let’s not get all bummed out. Fall is also one of the most beautiful times of the year and even though there’s a lot of dark hours in the day I’m really enjoying all the beautiful colors of the leaves falling to the ground. Dearest Ruth/the10thstreet, who’s blog I absolutely adore, tagged me to do the ‘fall favorites tag’, so I thought I’d let you know some of my fall faves as well as showing some pictures of Fridays outfit.


Favorite candle: Oh, I wish I knew the answer to that, but I’m not really much of a candle person yet. I really want to surround myself with cosy candles that smell nice and I also think they give that little extra autumnal feeling to the room, I just have never been the person to buy candles. I will have to do something about that.

Favorite lip product: First of all I always need to have my Body Shop lip conditioner with me at all times. But my absolute fave lip product this Fall is by far my Kylie lip kit in the shade ‘ginger’. It is the product that I am wearing in the pictures(and that I’ve probably worn almost every day). It’s seriously an amazing lipstick+liner.


Favorite nail polish: ESSIE – ‘smoking hot’

Favorite clothing item: My grey wollen coat – it’s a lifesaver on cold days and it also makes you look like a real fashionista – will feature an outfit with it in a blog post very soon!

Favorite shoes: I always love some plain ankle boots in Fall.

Favorite accessory: A big scarf and some mittens, preferably in a color that pops, ex red or orange to give some color to my usually very grey/monochrome outfits.

Halloween or Thanksgiving? We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway, and Halloween isn’t such a big thing here either. But I’d have to go with Halloween. I’m not crazy about this day of the year, but I do think it’s fun with Halloween makeup looks and costumes.

Favorite drink: A standard hot chocolate, always.


Favorite part of Fall: All the amazing colors on the trees and how the air is so fresh and a little bit colder, without it beein freezing outside.
(“Fun” fact though: We had snow yesterday. SNOW. In October. Ya, I’m outta here.)


These are the accessories of my Friday outfit. Two simple silver necklaces plus a black, floral choker(which broke few seconds after this picture was taken, such a bummer).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. One question: I’ve been thinking about making a vlog from my trip to Copenhagen this Summer as I did a lot of filming, would this be any interesting? Let me know, please.

Also, I’m tagging MermaidmoonChild and Mercy to do this Fall favorites tag!




Empire State of Mind

These past days I’ve found myself with such an extreme wanderlust. I just want to leave all my responsibilites behind and go out in the world to explore. Mainly big cities. I’ve always preferred a city vacation rather than lying on the beach in some place that looks excactly like any other charter location, with the same bars and the same people.

In the cities you can find so many aspects that fascinate you. I love different city motives, like interesting architecture, funny people and the raving city life in general. These days it’s excactly 3 years since my family and I went to New York, and oh, am I longing back. It’s such a big city and I feel like I didn’t even explore half of it. It is definitely on the top list of cities I want to go back to.

Sitting here having a walk down memory lane and dreaming of going back I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures that I took from our trip with you.





I actually preferred this to the Empire State Building, just because Empire State is so crowded. The view from Empire State Building is a must as well, though.




To me, even though I loved New York, the city tends to get a little bit overwhelming and suffocating due to the high buildings and the city air. Therefore it was really nice to enjoy the fresh sea air at the dock of Battery Park.















The High Line is basically a park built on an elevated section of an disused railroad in New York. This was one of my favorite walks that we had. I love how concrete and bricks were mixed with green leaves and flowers.


Hope you enjoyed this little artsy photo post. If yo couldn’t tell, I love trying to capture the life in abig city in a picture.

What are your favorite cities that you want to travel back to the most?



Float down, like Autumn Leaves

I don’t know why, but it’s only this last year that I’ve really realized how beautiful Fall is. The leaves turning into a hundred shades of red, orange and yellow and my favorite, the air getting slightly colder, making you feel like you’re able to breathe again.

Just the other day I figured I’d  join my mom early in the morning when she went to work. This meant I got to sit in a warm car on my way to school instead of a crowded tram. My mom’s job is very close to my school, so all I had to do was walk straight through the Frogner park(one of the no.1 tourist attraction in Norway it seems). I was walking into the park when I realized that I was so early that none of the huge tourist busses had yet arrived. It was just me, the statues and the cold morning air. I have never seen the park so quiet. The way Fall had come to the park and made the leaves change into a spectrum of color amazed me and I just had to take some photos on my way. What a wonderful way to start my school day, walking through this park and enjoying it all by myself.

And just as I went out of the gate and left the park the first tourist bus arrived with tourists and their huge camera lenses practically floading the park. Timing.

I thought I’d share my little morning journey with you, step by step:




(Sry bout the nudity.. It’s a sculpture park.)

Always nice to have a chat with this little angry fella.
Then I just had to buy myself a hot chocolate, because it’s actually so cold outside?? The hot chocolate was really expensive, but then I discovered they gave me an extra large cup and I got really happy. It tasted like heaven and kept my hands warm on the rest of my walk.

I can’t believe how beautiful my little city really is and how much I love it.
Why do I want to leave so badly?


The Most Amazing Artist

Cue music:

Today I want to talk to you about the person I with certainty call my favorite artist. Meet Aurora Aksnes, a 20 year old Norwegian singer/songwriter. Her voice as beautiful and breathtaking as the nature phenomenon that is also part of her name, Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights.


Aurora started writing lyrics at the age of 9, which is just unreal. Her lyrics show so much love, pain, joy and a tiny bit of insanity all at the same time. And her melodies has such a magical sound to them. I may sound like I’m exaggerating, but to me, her music is pure magic and her songs has genuinely helped me through so much. Songs that are vulnerable and at the same time amazingly brave. And honestly, nothing lights up my day like watching an interview with Aurora. She’s just the sweetest girl and has the most interesting thoughts living in her mind.



I just really wanted to share this artist with you. And it may sound weird, but I just feel so proud that someone so amazing comes from my little country. Aurora has had so much success these last years as well. You may have heard her singing a cover of Oasis’ “Half the world away” for the John Lewis Christmas advert, or seen her singing her own original song “Conqueror” live at the Jimmy Fallon Show, and in March 2016 she released her debut album “All My Demons Greating Me as a Friend” , which is hands down my favorite album of 2016. I just don’t seem to grow tired of her songs. Another thing worth mentioning is her presence on stage – it is so real and she has a special way of feeling the music and moving to it.

I really hope you want to check out her album, because as much as I want to keep this amazing artist for myself I also really want to share her with the entire world.

If you’d like more musical posts like this, it would be really fun to get to recommend some other Norwegian artists to you as well! Let me know in the comments.


(All pictures and media in this blog post do not belong to me.)


OOTD: Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer


Saturday and a weekend off from work, I am delighted and in the most chilled out mood you could ever imagine. Today’s outfit is old school and classic with a little bit of that 50’s denim vibe. I sometimes forget how much I love the simplicity of the combination white shirt and denim, it can never really go wrong. The black belt was something I found in the back of my closet today, I have no idea where it came from. What a hidden treasure.


Trenchcoat – Vero Moda//T-shirt-Vero Moda//Jeans-BikBok//Backpack-Urban Outfitters







Fall hasn’t seemed to hit Oslo by it’s full power yet, so we are still enjoying the last sunbeams of summer and the opportunity to wear t-shirts. I can feel the cold autumn wind around the corner, though, so it probably won’t be long before you see me in scarfs and knitted sweaters.


Hope you’re all having an amazing Saturday! What are you up to today?



What I bought in Copenhagen

This summer me, my sister and my dad spent a weekend in Copenhagen. Such a lovely city with so much life – and oh, how I love the Danish people. The trip mainly consisted of sightseeing, eating and SHOPPING. I didn’t spend too much money, considering I was on the edge of being broke that month. But Copenhagen has so many shops that we don’t have here in Norway, so I had to splurge just a little bit.

Firstly, I had some make up items on the top of my list:


The Urban Decay NAKED SKIN concealer had been on my wish-list for a long time, as my previous concealer had run out and I wanted to try a new brand. And I have to say, this is worth all the rage. It has very good coverage and does not end up creasing, which I find is often a struggle with concealers.


Secondly, I had to get myself a new mascara. This is the IsaDora Big Bold Mascara, which I personally think is really good, especially based on the fact that it is not pricy at all! When it comes to mascara I usually always buy either this one or the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara.


Then, being at Sephora(which we don’t have at home!!), I had to get my hands on two Sleek pallettes. Firstly, I just love the simplistic black packaging and secondly, they are also quite cheap!


This is the Sleek Cream Contour Kit in the shade Light. Been wanting to buy a Contour Kit for so long, so I just had to buy this one. Kinda wish I had bought a powder one though.


Secondly, I bought the i-Divine Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette. And aren’t these colors just gorgeous? I especially fell in love with the two glittery shades Conker and Taupe.


Tried to do a swatch of the two. Taking a picture of my own arm turned out harder than it seemed, though. Really looking forward to putting this palette to the test this fall, and try to create some cool smoky looks. Btw, all the makeup items above are cruelty free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. Buying cruelty free makeup is very easy and there are a lot of good CF brands out there. Just a small, but important sidetrack from my side.

Next up: Clothing. As I had already bought a lot of new clothes for summer, I only bought two pieces of clothing in Copenhagen, but my oh my, do I love them both!


When I walked into TopShop this skirt instantly screamed for my attention. It basically felt like it was calling on me from heaven. I mean, look at it!! The flower prints reminds me of primary school when we used to iron different prints(flowers, teddys etc) onto our denim and feel like the coolest kids in town, anyone else??
I’d been wanting a denim skirt for so long and this was just beyond everything i wished for. It was a bit pricy, being from TopShop and all, but seriously worth it!

A new obsession for me when it comes to clothing shops is New Yorker, so guess who found the perfect dress the second she walked into this shop? Me, me, me.


A very simple, yet super pretty dress, that I’ve worn a lot this summer.

Last, but not least, we went into Urban Outfitters, the store I’m probably the most upset about not existing here in Norway. (I mean, come on, we deserve all these beautiful things too??) Since I was trying to save my money I did resist from emptying the shop completely, I actually did quite well and came out with only a daily journal + some galaxy fairy lights(that were on sale!!).

Isn’t this notebook the cutest? I just couldn’t resist.

These are the galaxy fairylights that I bought.  There is something so calming about having these kind of lights turned on in the evening, especially now in fall, while reading a book or just relaxing. I’m happy I bought these on sale though, as they were reduced from 110DKK(ca. £ 13) to 30DKK(ca. £ 3), and I actually would have been disappointed if I payed full price only to see that there weren’t that many lights in the package.

As you can probably understand, I am most satisfied with everything that I bought. It’s often easier to go shopping when you are trying to save money because it makes you prioritize a bit and only buy the things you want the most.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of ‘haul blog post’, there will most definitely be more. Let me know what items you liked the most in the comments!




Treat Yourself


Woo, finally Saturday. Finally weekend. After a long stressfull day at work I often find that I’m not too keen on going out or being social, even though it is a Saturday night. Sometimes it’s better to just allow yourself to rest and have a calm day in. And that’s what I’m going to do this Saturday. I’ve put out some of my favorite candy and made myself some Chai Tea. My cosy socks are on, and I’m ready for a moviedate with myself!


Tried this new Chai Tea today, and I really liked it. I find Chai, and tea in general, so soothing when you’ve had a stressful day.

Also sharing the bed with this little monkey:


Have a great day, and remember to treat yourself.




The Beginning

I often find that the beginning of a story is the hardest part to come up with. The first lines of your story are what captures the reader. It’s like trying to make the perfect first impression. Impossible. Therefore it might be a bit nervewracking to ramble all your thoughts together into these very first sentences. To be honest, so far, I don’t even know what I’m doing.

But this is my beginning. This is my very first blog post. This blog will be a place for me to share: Share whatever is on my mind, share important thoughts.. and not so important thoughts. Share my OOTD and OOTW and my TBT’s. Share my up’s and down’s and my favorite coffee shops(except I don’t drink coffee).

Anyway, my name is Ingrid. I’m 21 years old.
And I hope you want to read my stories.