Personal Style 

As much as we all love to dress up from head to toe – high heels, curly hair, lashes,  a full face of makeup – there is something so special about jumping into the clothes that are just YOU. I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style and allthough I am a person that loves to wear all different kinds of styles there’s always a style that just represents the plain and natural me.

In this post I’ve tried to put together an outfit that represents my personal style. This is me, all chill, no make up, and my hair tied in a messy bun, because why not? The photos are shot on the most beautiful location that I know, near the sea at our cabin in the south of Norway. I’ve been spending my summers at this place since the age of one and there’s something so special about coming back every year to this place that no matter what, will always stay the same.

Outfit Details:
Body – BikBok | Jeans – Levi’s | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Shoes – Converse(slightly bitten off at the heel thanks to my very kind dog)

What do you feel represents your personal style? And do you have a place that always feels like home to you?

Tomorrow I travel to Nice, France, and I am super excited! Make sure to follow all my social media linked below if you want to keep up with my trip and get some outfit sneak peeks!


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Summer Nights

Where: Sørenga, Oslo

An area by the seaside of Oslo, with lots of bathing space, restaurants and city life. We chose to retreat to the calmer side in the shadows of the dock because the weather was especially hot this day.

I’ve recently been growing more and more fond of my own city. Maybe it’s the summer weather? Anyway I’ve been exploring more places that I don’t usually hang out at. I’ve also been walking around by myself, exploring and enjoying the peaceful seaside of the city. Oslo has been amazing these last few days, I really hope the weather stays like this all summer. A girl can dream, right?

OOTD: Top – BikBok | Bikini – BikBok | Jeans – BikBok | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Pretty Little Thing

Do I shop my outfits any other places than BikBok? Apparently not, haha.

How has your summer been so far? Is it hot in your country?


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My Getaway Weekend

Sometimes we just need to hit the pause button on life and enjoy ourselves a little getaway from reality. This weekend I visited one of my best friends who lives and studies in beautiful Trondheim, the city of the wooden houses.


You’ll find Trondheim located almost in the middle of Norway, around 500 km north of the capital, Oslo, where I live. Being one of the most popular student cities in Norway, Trondheim is always full of life and adventure. To capture everything we did on this amazing weekend would be nearly impossible, but I would like to take you along on the walk we had on Saturday, in beautiful and sunny, though very windy weather.






Walking along Nidelva, which runs through Trondheim, you’ll see small and big wooden houses in various colors all along the riverside.






Nidarosdomen(The Nidaros Cathedral), place of the burial of St. Olav, and a unique Middle Age building. The cathedral is so massive you can’t even capture the entire building in one shot.





On the last two photos, Solsiden(the sunny side), best known for its long strip of restaurants and bars, filled with lights and life during Trondheims nightlife.

Such a wonderful and amazing city that I cannot recommend enough. Already looking forward to my next visit!


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, I know, where have I been? I just realized it’s 10 days since I last posted anything on this blog and I’m so sorry. The last weeks have been very hectic. I had two exams which happened to be on the day after each other and I was panicking trying to get through everything I had to read. I think they went well, though. Other than that, I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I must admit I’ve been feeling a little bit down. But now, with only one exam left to go it’s time to put on the blogging shoes again and tell you about my favorite day that I had last week.



On Saturday, after my two exams were well over with, me and one of my best friends decided we had to treat ourselves to a little celebration, including dinner and a movie. For dinner we went to a thai restaurant in Oslo called YaYa’s. And if you’re ever in Oslo and in the mood for some delicious thai, this is the place! The food is amazing and the restaurant is so creatively decorated with lots of colors and fun furniture. We both had the Chicken Cashew wook, Yayasssssss. For movie we had both been longing to see “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” in the cinemas. I know there’s split opinions as to the movie, but I absolutely loved it. I loved being back in the wizarding world and the entire movie felt so magical with such a well thought out balance between comedy, romance and darkness. 10/10 recommend from me.

Saturday was also the day they put up all the Christmas lights and trees in the city and in celebration of that they held the most amazing fireworks show! We didn’t know about it beforehand and was taken by surprise when suddenly the entire sky was filled with lights and colors – so beautiful!




On the last picture you can see the gates to the “Christmas street/market” which I am dying to visit, and when I do, there will be a post. Promise!

I had to use pictures of my phone as I didn’t bring my camera into the city, so I hope you can bear with the quality. Other than that I want to announce that I am jumping onto the Blogmas-train, and I really hope I’ll be able to put up a Christmassy post every day through December! I’ve got a lot of ideas – so keep your eyes peeled, lovelies!


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Exploring the Streets of Oslo

I just love living in the city. The raving city life, all the people buzzing around, the tiny cafes on every street corner and the diversity of people and buildings all in one place. On Sunday, me and my friend Elise, decided to explore. We wanted to take some cool pictures and we knew excactly where we could get them.


We went to Grünerløkka in Oslo. Sundays are always market days at Grünerløkka, which means the streets are full of life and there’s always something to look at. Not to mention, the street art around the area of BLÅ is just amazing. This whole area is so urban and exiting.


Outfit details:
Headband – BikBok | Scarf – Monki | Bomber – Monki | Pants – BikBok | Shoes – Converse


This last wall painting is my favorite. I see it everytime I take the tram home from the city. Shows how amazing a childs imagination is in such a sweet way.

This one became a post with more pictures and less words, because sometimes I just feel the pictures tell the entire story for themselves. Quite true that a picture says more than a thousand words.


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Today in Pictures

You know those days when you’ve actually got a full schedule and it just feels so good to be both productive and social? Today was one of those days. First I did some revision in school before I met up with my friend, Elise, in the city. We had planned to go for a little shopping trip, and allthough it was actually her that wanted to buy some stuff I kinda ended up splurging a bit myself – no worries, you’ll get a haul! After busting our wallets shopping we had a nice sit down at a cafe and got to catch up a little bit. Later in the evening me and my family went to my uncles new appartment for a real pizza party. We seriously ordered so much pizza and I’m beyond full right now. Not to mention, he had cake.

I brought my camera along today in hopes of maybe doing an outfit shoot, but we lost ourselves completely in the shopping and totally forgot. BUT I have planned a photoshoot with Elise on Sunday and we’ve discussed fun locations and everything, so look forward to that! Even though there weren’t any outfit pictures, I thought I’d share some pictures from my day with you.



I got so excited when I saw that they had put up Christmas lights in the streets. But to my major dissapointment they didn’t light up when it became dark… What even.





All in all, such a lovely day. Keep your eyes peeled – both a haul and an awesome outfit photoshoot coming your way this weekend!

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Whats On My New Phone?

Ok, now I definitely feel like the stereotypical “look what’s on my new iPhone 7”-beauty blogger, but to be fair, I haven’t bought a new phone in 4 years and I am extremely excited about actually owning some new tech. I myself also love to hear how people set up their phones, what apps they love etc, so today I thought I’d share a little bit about my phone with you.


The phone I bought is the new iPhone 7. I thought that if I first were to buy a new phone, I’d might as well go for the newest in store. I got mine in the color rosegold, as every other basic bitch in the universe. But don’t tell me this is not such a pretty color??


The phone comes with the classic iPhone packaging. In the box you get a normal charger plus a pair of headphones. You do not get the hyped wireless headphones, I think these are like some superexpensive business that you need to buy separate. And I don’t mind, because I need the wire on my headphones as a lifeline whenever my phone drops put of my hands. You do get an adapter, though, so that your headphones ar compatible with the plug-in. Would have been a shame otherwise.



When it comes to the question of how much better this phone is from the previous iPhone’s I don’t think I’m the best person to ask. My last phone was a broken iPhone 5, so for me this is a major upgrade and I’m just loving the high tech feel of it all, haha. The camera quality I must say is amazing. Other than that, I don’t know if a normal person like you and me would feel much difference between this one and ex. an iPhone 6s.

Here it is compared in size with the iPhone 5:



(And now you probably understand why I’m kinda happy about a new phone?)

I’m really struggling getting used to the size. My old phone was the perfect pocket/hand size and this is just slightly bigger, but it feels huge. I don’t even dare to text while I walk because I’m scared I’ll drop it. And seriously, where do I keep it? It doesn’t fit in my pocket, haha. Good thing I didn’t go for the 7 Plus.

But hey, enough about the phone, let’s move on to my apps!!


Here you see my homescreen in all it’s glory. Jk, I’m so boring I haven’t even gotten around to getting a personal background yet. The three folders on top say “Extra”, “Travel” and “Fashion”, for those of you that aren’t very fluent in Norwegian. I try to keep my apps to a minimum level as I like it a bit minimalistic, but some are just must-haves. Facebook + the Messenger app comes first. I honestly don’t scroll that much on Facebook, but I definitely use Messenger a lot when it comes to communicating with my friends. The WordPress app is such a good app for commenting/answering comments on the go, plus reading blog posts whenever I feel like it. Then of course, I have a Snapchat. Since I’m a bit boring I won’t share my account her, but let me tell you, I’m such a snapper. Probably the source of most of my friends daily entertainment/annoyance.


I’m cool like that….

Next up, I recently made a blog-Instagram and you are all very free to follow if you want to see more of what I do on a daily basis and get a sneakpeek on future blog posts!


Lastly, I’d like to let you guys have a little look in my “Fashion”-folder. Currently home of three apps: ’tise, ZARA and ASOS.



(From the left: Tise, Zara, ASOS)

The first one, ’tise, may not be that interesting for all of you as it is an all-Norwegian site. But I just love the concept of it. It’s basically an online store, but where you personally can put up your own items for sale or buy items from other persons. The app also has a function where you can adjust it so that all the profit from the items you sell goes to UNICEF – I love that.

Next, there’s the ZARA app and the ASOS app. I bet you are all familiar with these stores, but let me tell you – scrolling through their clothes on your phone is just so easy and so much fun. I actually don’t buy much of any of these apps, it’s more like window shopping for me. But if you were to want an item it is way to easy to just click it home, haha.

I hope this post didn’t get too long and boring, I personally kinda liked making it. What are your go-to apps?

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10 Fun Facts About Me

I got tagged by the lovely brynncamilla to write 10 facts about me. You should all go check out her facts as well, they’re really fun to read. As I’ve been thinking a lot about making some sort of ‘get to know me’ post, I thought this could be a good start. Here we go:

I. I’m around 5’7, or 172 cm.

I always think it’s a bit fun to hear bloggers actual heigth, because you can never really tell from a picture sometimes.

II. I once sailed with a ship to Shetland.

This was with my folk high school(the school I attended the year after I finished high school). We sailed from Bergen, Norway to the Shetland Islands of Scotland with a huge three-masted sailing vessel, and we were working as a crew on the ship. What an experience.




This leads me to the next fact:

III. I’m freaking scared of heights.

I’m the kind of person that never takes any roller coasters, nor climbs big mountains because whenever I get to high up I can feel my entire body going into a unison NOPE. But this folk high school year was a year for me to really challenge myself and one of the things that I thought of during the entire sailing trip was to climb up to the highest plateau of the mast, which was about 30 meters I think. And you know what? I did it. It was freaking scary and one of my best friends had to climb behind me the entire way, but the feeling I got when I was on top – felt like I had conquered the world, haha.


And the people were walking beneath me like tiny ants.

IV. My family has 5 animals.

As you already may know, I have a dog. But we also have 2 bunnies and 2 horses. I love animals. I have always been surrounded by a lot of animals and can’t really imagine a life without them.


V. I have extremely good memory.

Ok, don’t get freaked out, but I’m the kind of person who will always remember a persons name, or their birthday or what someone told me 2 years ago. I’m also really good at learning lyrics/poems etc by heart. I get so creeped out by my own memory sometimes that I pretend I don’t remember to not seem like a stalker, haha. When it comes to remember doing stuff, like cleaning or doing my homework I’m terrible though.

VI. I can speak 3 languages(or 5 if you will).

First one is of course Norwegian, my first language. All Norwegians also have to learn English in school from about the age of 6, and I would be as brave as to say that I’m close to being as fluent in English as I am in Norwegian. At least, I feel like you guys understand what I write, haha. Schools in Norway also demand that you learn a third language for 3-5 years, and I chose German. I actually learnt German for 6 years in school as I also took a ‘German in-depth’ class my last year of high school. I’m terrified of speaking German though, as there’s so much grammar to remember. And at last, I do understand both spoken and written Swedish and Danish as they are so similar to my own language, and if my life depended on it I could probably speak some phrases on these languages as well.


VII. I might have a slight touch of Misophonia.

Misophonia- ‘selective sound sensitivity syndrome’ is basically when you get annoyed by sounds like the noise of someone eating or coughing etc. These are my biggest pet peeves and I’m so sorry because you can’t actually get mad at someone for ex. sneezing, but sometimes I do.

VIII. I once got kicked in the face by a horse.

Maybe not a fun fact, I guess. Long story short, one of my horses got scared and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit mostly in my stomach/hip but also in my face. I must have the best guardian angels ever because I got away with no internal injuries, just a lot of bruises. I got a trip in an ambulance though. I’m the kind of person that never gets in any accidents, so fingers crossed this was the first and also the last.

IX. I’m a nerd.

Who would have guessed? Ok, you’ve probably already figured. I’m such a nerd and I love it. I read the first Harry Potter book at the age of 7 and I love Harry Potter, reading, writing, learning new facts. I also never had that much against school. It has come a little bit with the years though.

X. I’m a procrastinator.

If it’s procrastinatable, I procrastinate. And I have procrastinated writing my psychology essay since this morning, soo, kinda have to do that now.


(This picture illustrates me trying to reach my goals in life)

Hope this post wasn’t too much me-talk and that you found at least some of these facts a bit fun!



Places I Want to Visit

As I may have expressed a tiny bit in some of my blog posts I am experiencing such a travel lust these days, it’s insane. This has got me thinking both about places I have been and want to go back to and about the places that I’ve never been, but that are sort of on my ‘travel bucket list’. I love day dreaming about travelling and going on adventures, so I thought I’d let you daydream along with me in this post. Since I’ve never been to any of these places and don’t have any pictures of my own I thought I’d put together 5 different ‘postcards’ that I made out of pictures from Google. Let’s go:


I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just this drive inside of me that longs to this place. The strong nature forces makes me think of it as such a free place and I would love to see all the natural forces in action. Like the geysirs and the blue lagoon. But mostly, I just really want to go on a trip with Icelandic horses. I’ve ridden Icelandic horses before in Norway, and they are such strong and independent creatures. To combine a horseback trip with such beautiful nature is just an absolute dream.


I feel lik everyone has to visit Rome at least one time in their lives. And I have actually never even been to Italy. The thing that I’m most attracted to is the history of the city. Just imagine how it was living in Ancient Rome? I’m also so in love with the architecture of European cities and I long to walk in the small, busy, paved streets of Rome.


Have you guys ever heard of this place? Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. It’s basically neighbors with the North Pole. You may have heard rumors that we have polar bears walking in the streets in Norway. We don’t really. Except here. And that’s the only bit that scares me a bit about visiting, haha. But again I’m drawn by the nature forces and beauty of this place. A lot of my family members have actually lived here as well, so I have heard so many stories and really want to see it for myself.


I remember in high school I had a friend from Budapest and she always told me the funniest and most lively stories about this city. I have been to Hungary before, but we never got to visit Budapest and I was so gutted. It just seems like such a cool city full of life and all the Hungarians I have met in my life are such lovely and fun people.


Lastly, I really want to visit Tokyo. And this is actually a bit out of my comfort zone as I have almost never left the European continent, haha. I’m a very ‘home loving’ person and when things are too different I can get a little bit scared. But the different is also what draws me in about Tokyo. It’s such a different culture than what I come from and I’m so fascinated about the Japanese culture – it’s such a rich culture! Also, Tokyo seems like a MASSIVE city to me with it’s 13.6 million people compared to the 600 000 living in my city, and I just feel like that would be such an experience.

Have you ever been to any of these places? What top 5 places do you want to visit?


Empire State of Mind

These past days I’ve found myself with such an extreme wanderlust. I just want to leave all my responsibilites behind and go out in the world to explore. Mainly big cities. I’ve always preferred a city vacation rather than lying on the beach in some place that looks excactly like any other charter location, with the same bars and the same people.

In the cities you can find so many aspects that fascinate you. I love different city motives, like interesting architecture, funny people and the raving city life in general. These days it’s excactly 3 years since my family and I went to New York, and oh, am I longing back. It’s such a big city and I feel like I didn’t even explore half of it. It is definitely on the top list of cities I want to go back to.

Sitting here having a walk down memory lane and dreaming of going back I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures that I took from our trip with you.





I actually preferred this to the Empire State Building, just because Empire State is so crowded. The view from Empire State Building is a must as well, though.




To me, even though I loved New York, the city tends to get a little bit overwhelming and suffocating due to the high buildings and the city air. Therefore it was really nice to enjoy the fresh sea air at the dock of Battery Park.















The High Line is basically a park built on an elevated section of an disused railroad in New York. This was one of my favorite walks that we had. I love how concrete and bricks were mixed with green leaves and flowers.


Hope you enjoyed this little artsy photo post. If yo couldn’t tell, I love trying to capture the life in abig city in a picture.

What are your favorite cities that you want to travel back to the most?