Pink Blush in Monte Carlo



A daytrip to the beautiful (extravagant) Monte Carlo, Monaco.
What we saw:
The dock
Prince’s Palace
Monte Carlo Casino (I saw a golden Ferrari)


What you don’t see:
How extremely sweaty I am because it was one of the hottest days during the heat wave last summer.


We conquered the heat and walked all the way up to the Prince’s Palace. Which was absolutely worth it. Beautiful walk and a beautiful view on the top.


One thing I really wanted to see, that we skipped because the heat didn’t really encourage us to walk that far, was the Princess Grace Rose Garden. Definitely on my list for my next visit.


Outfit Details:
Dress – | Backpack – Urban Outfitters | Shoes – H&M



9 thoughts on “Pink Blush in Monte Carlo

  1. Aw, thank you so much! Have missed it so much and I’m so ready to catch up on your blog as well! Everything has just been to busy with starting uni this year and all! The dress is soooo comfy and soft as well! xx


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