Christmas Wishlist 2017

It’s that time of the year again, and this year I’m just so ready for Christmas to come. The snow has already been here for a while, making the perfect Christmas landscape outside our house, and with only one week left of school before the Holidays I feel like a Christmassy post is at it’s place.

This year my Christmas wishlist consists mainly of makeup items, just because I’m very much about that right now. I want to learn how to create new looks, especially for the Holiday season, and for that, I need the right equipment. I’m just going to jump into the list, with all the makeup items first and then show you the rest.

Morphe 35F

First of all, I really want a proper eyeshadow palette, as all I have right now are smaller ones with little variety in shades. This is the Morphe 35 F, Fall Into Frost Palette, and I can definitely see this as the perfect Fall/Winter eyeshadow palette.

Real Techniques

Brushes, brushes, brushes! I definitely should get better at experimenting with different kinds of brushes instead of using the same brush for everything, hehe. Therefore, some of these Real Techniques brushes have found their way to my wishlist this year!

Glitter Dust

What is a Christmas make up look without glitter? The Body Shop has launched some awesome glitter eyeshadows in pink and gold and the gold one just screams New Years Eve for me.

Drops of Glow

And lastly on the makeup part are these illuminating Drops of Glow from The Body Shop. I saw them used in a YouTube video not too long ago, and wow, they make your skin glow up and look so natural. I really want to try these.

Aquarius 2

Aquarius 1

I’ve always loved these kind of necklaces which have your zodiac sign on them, and this one from Pilgrim is just so pretty.

Adidas Superstar

Last, but not least, on my Christmas wishlist are the Adidas Superstars in white with the classic black stripes. After my sneakers broke this Summer I’ve been looking for some new ones for next Summer and I’ve come to conclusion that I really want these. After constantly borrowing my mom’s Superstar’s it’s probably time to get my own pair.

That was my wishlist for 2017, what’s on yours? And how are you guys? I’m hoping to get more into my blogging again as soon as I get off school for the season, as things are very busy right now! (Life as a vet student, rip).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas time so far!


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7 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2017

  1. I never saw this Morphe palette before but when I opened this blogpost, I immediately fell in love with it! I think this would be a great fall/winter palette as well. All those colors look gorgeous! Oh yes and that Body Shop glitters look gorgeous, I love pink/purple glitters! I haven’t made a Christmas wishlist this year because we’re not doing presents (booh). If I could make one, I would only put make-up on it, lol! xo

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  2. ooooh frantically adding drops of glow to my christmas wishlist…what a little beauty! i love everything from the body shop anyway, but if its gonna make me glow up like wonder woman – i am all in!

    im in LOVE with that star sign necklace too, i have a pretty similar one that i wear quite a lot but it’s starting to rust a little now (damn you, accessorize!). think im overdue a new one!

    katie. xx ♥

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