Vi er perfekt, men verden er ikke det

“We’re perfect, but the world isn’t..”

For those of you who’ve been watching, isn’t it so sad that SKAM is over? How did you find the ending? I am seriously so impressed by everything this series has achieved. Julie Andem, you rock! If you don’t know what SKAM is, it is a Norwegian TV-series based on the lives of a group of teenagers in Oslo. The series debate friendship, prejudice, religion, homosexuality, rape and just the general struggles that I think we all can relate to growing up, seen through the eyes of young people today. Every episode gives you something special and important and I truly recommend this series for everyone. It’s different, but so good.

The headline of today’s post is a song title from one of the songs used in the series, so I thought I’d just leave the song here, for you to listen to and to let it set the right mood for the rest of the post.

Where: Sørenga, Oslo

An area by the seaside of Oslo, with lots of bathing space, restaurants and city life. We chose to retreat to the calmer side in the shadows of the dock because the weather was especially hot this day.

I’ve recently been growing more and more fond of my own city. Maybe it’s the summer weather? Anyway I’ve been exploring more places that I don’t usually hang out at. I’ve also been walking around by myself, exploring and enjoying the peaceful seaside of the city. Oslo has been amazing these last few days, I really hope the weather stays like this all summer. A girl can dream, right?

OOTD: Top – BikBok | Bikini – BikBok | Jeans – BikBok | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Pretty Little Thing

Do I shop my outfits any other places than BikBok? Apparently not, haha.

How has your summer been so far? Is it hot in your country?


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20 thoughts on “Vi er perfekt, men verden er ikke det

  1. I adore your little photoshoot, you are so picture perfect!!!! I also love following your insta stories, you capture some great shots!! Summer over on the East Coast of the USA has been marvelous! Hot and sunny, I just can’t get enough! I’m about to check out bikbok, I love your style!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I am so sad that skam is over, it was big part of my life and now it’s just gone for good 😦 I have to say that I am little disappointed with the last episode. Also wow once again, Oslo is such a beautiful city I really need to visit soon!!

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