Stockholm Diaries

Have you ever fallen in love with a city?
Personally I have several cities that are close to my heart in their own special way, and Stockholm is definitely on that list. In March me and my girlfriends/super besties had a weekend getaway to this amazing city, where we got the taste of all the memorable experiences Stockholm had to offer!


An important aspect of the trip was to get a lot of shopping done, and I mean, a LOT. One thing we all were determined on was finding the perfect thrift shop, and so we did, right at the top of the main street, Drottninggatan. Beyond Retro was the thrift shop of our dreams.



It’s safe to say that none of us left this shop empty handed. If you want to read more about the shop and it’s consept, you can check out their website here. Other than that you can also find all the big brands and stores in Stockholm, and we took the opportunity to visit all the shops that we don’t have in Norway, for example River Island and Sephora(my Sephora haul is up here). We were really disappointed when we found out that Urban Outfitters was temporarily removed, as we were all super hyped to shop there.


Food and drinks
Aren’t food and drinks the highlight of any vacation? First of all our hotel, Generator Stockholm had an amazing breakfast menu that we were super excited about! Lots of options that were cooked at the hotel kitchen. How yummy does this breakfast look?


For lunch on Saturday we felt like a sweet alternative and went to Café Muren in Gamla Stan/the Old Town and ordered belgian waffles with Nutella and cream, apple pie, hot chocolates plus the Swedish cake Kladdkaka. Meal of our dreams.


We also ate dinner at one of the Italian reastaurants in Gamla Stan on Friday. Amazing food and a really lovely waiter who was super excited to show us his Norwegian skills as he had actually lived in Oslo! Gamla Stan is a really lovely destination if you’re looking for a place to have your dinner in Stockholm. The small medieval streets and houses are filled with restaurant options!


Saturday, we felt like Asian for dinner and found the perfect place not far from our hotel in the city center. Szechuan beef and chicken, sushi and a lovely vegetarian Pad Thai for our main meal and then for starters edamame(soy beans) in sea salt and yummy vegetarian dumplings! A dinner success! After dinner on Saturday we decided to explore Stockholms nightlife. We started with pre-drinks and girly chats at the hotel room before we made our way to Stureplan, the party capital of Stockholm, haha. The night was seriously so much fun. There is something special about being out with your absolute best friends!

Sunday, we decided to go for Italian again, just because why not! We went to this Italian restaurant called “Flames”, where I’m not kidding when I say the food was amazing! First they gave us free bread with olive paste for starters, ka-ching! Then for the main course we had different kinds of pasta and Elise had the most amazing Chevre and Honey pizza, it was so divine that the rest of us stole a good piece of it, haha.






We also paid a visit to the Modern museum/Moderna museet, which is a museum for modern and contemporary art located on the island of Skeppsholmen, which is very central. There were all sorts of exhibitions you could see, but we chose to walk through “The Collection”, including key works by artists like Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, Dali etc. This exhibition was free as well and there was so much to see!


After being at the museum we decided to have a little photoshoot with beautiful city backdrops:






Helene looking stylish as always, she should get a blog, right??



Gorgeous Ida with the beautiful city behind her!




One of the best trips I have ever been on! You don’t need to travel far to enjoy yourself! Have you ever been to Stockholm?


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20 thoughts on “Stockholm Diaries

  1. Yayyyy for another post! Your trip to Stockholm sounds like so much fun ☺️ I’ve always wanted to visit around November/December time so if I get the chance to this year, I will definitely use your suggestions hehe xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, let me know if you go! I’ve been at least 5 times so I should be able to give you a list of recommendations! Lovely city, and the Swedes are so nice! Much more outgoing than Norwegians 🙊 A bit expensive though, but that’s Scandinavia in a nutshell! Also, come to Oslo!! ✨☀️


  3. I love Stockholm, I keep going back there over and over again. I will never get tired of that city!! I have never been to Beyond Retro but I definitely need to check it out next time I go there. I was also really disappointed when I found out that Urban Outfitters was gone (since we don’t have it in Finland either), thank god it’s only temporary! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We definitely share the love over that city! Can’t wait to go back in July next year, woo🙆🏼 And yes, thank god urban o isn’t gone forever!!! So sad we don’t have it in Norway, one of my fave shops! xx


  5. Yes of course, that i fell in love the city. Maybe not the city as buildings but atmosphere, culture and how I felt there. My last love is Porto and Madrid, just love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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