OOTD: Sunny Days in Oslo

I’m back! It’s been forever and I’m so so sorry. There’s really no excuse, but the fact that I think I’ve just been uninspired and tired. But summer is finally here and I will use it to my advantage to get up some lovely posts for you guys!


On Friday, me and my sister had a lovely dinner at Olivia Tjuvholmen, which is an Italian restaurant in Oslo. I have very good experiences with the food there and it’s not very expensive, which makes it an easy option on a sunny day!


My outfit:
Jacket – Gina Tricot | Top – Brandy Melville | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Converse

The weather has been amazing the last few days! Only sunny days and it’s been extremely hot. Too bad I’m stuck inside studying for my exams all day. But, in a week it will all be over and I’ll finally have a well deserved summer vacay!

How’s your week been? Have you had sunny weather as well?


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9 thoughts on “OOTD: Sunny Days in Oslo

  1. Hey Ingrid, great to have you back here. Totally feel you with the uninspired and tired things. That’s the same for me haha, but I try to keep my blog updated, which can be really hard sometimes! I really like the outfit you shared today! That jacket looks so cool but isn’t it too warm for it? We also had some good weather over here in The Netherlands. Today is the last warm-day, I try to enjoy it eventhough I also have to study for exams! xo

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  2. You look so glamorous in these Photos! And I totally feel the uninspired thing, I’ve had no inspiration to post anything but these past few days I’ve forced myself back into it and am so happy I did! We’ve had beautiful weather here in Sweden but I think we’ll be getting some rain today 😞 hopefully the sun isn’t gone too long! 🌺💖

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