Sunset Walks

Allthough my outfits tend to be very monochrome, I find contrasts so beautiful. A white snowy road meets the red sky. White shirt and black jeans. The cold weather meets the warmth of the sun. Lately we’ve been blessed with more sun, it’s getting lighter outside and I can feel myself getting lighter inside as well. We are slowly saying goodbye to the cold and dark winter and welcoming spring(well, not yet though, this is Norway after all).


In this post I thought I would show you an outfit that I feel reflect very well on my personal style. If I could I would probably have worn this every day, but let’s pretend I didn’t say that. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m boring.

This outfit is put together by both old and new items. A white shirt that I’ve had since forever, a black belt that I found hidden in the back of my closet and cannot even remember how I got, some fairly new black jeans and my all time favorite and beloved grey woollen coat.




Outfit Details: Sunglasses – H&M | Coat – URBAN | Shirt – Cubus | Jeans – Carlings | Boots – Pavement

I’m also wearing some really cool socks from Monki, with a dog riding a bicycle on them. Just thought you should know.




These photos made me realize I want to shoot more in the early sunsets. The lighting is so magical. A big thank you to my little sister who gets dragged out in whatever weather and forced on these walks with me to take photos, you da best.

Hope you are all doing amazing. I have had my winter holidays this week and I must say, I could really get used to not having to go to school everyday. The week has so far consisted of 80% watching Bates Motel on Netflix and 20% homework. Do not follow my example, kids. Now that I’ve watched all the seasons that are out on Netflix so far I might be able to be a bit productive before the weekend comes. Wish me luck.

How has your week been so far?


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21 thoughts on “Sunset Walks

  1. 😍😍😍 This might be my favourite post of yours so far! And there are a lot of amazing ones so that’s saying something! The sky and the lighting is so beautiful, not to mention your outfit and hair! The sunglasses just add a really polished touch to the whole look. And I love how natural you come across, I’m definitely going to pick up some tips from you with outfit poses ☺️ So so lovely and I can’t wait to see more posts from youuuu. Hope you had a fab winter break – it sounds like you have hehe xxx

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  2. Ahh I’m in love with the texture of your coat! It makes it look super classy and I think it’s a great add on to your outfit making the overall look extra chic! And the photo shoot definitely looks like a fun one you did, I’ll never be able to pose as naturally as you did! Love love love this post Xo

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  3. I can totally see that being an every day outfit, it’s so flattering on you. I don’t find it plain by any means, I love the white against black and with the belt to break it up. Looks totally comfy and the coat with the sunnies help dress it up too! You perfect little model you, That is some good outdoor lighting, perfect time of day to snap some photos and highlight the outfit!

    xo, JJ

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  4. I love your outfit!! It’s so simple but classy!! I adore your grey coat it looks so comfy nd ohmygod those sunnies are gorgeous! Also that sunset looks amazing in the pictures 😍😍


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