The 20 Questions Tag

Some months ago I saw this tag over on Sophie Maie’s blog and instantly thought that it would be a fun tag to do. And then I saw on the bottom of her post that she had actually tagged me, so what better reason for me to actually do it? So here’s me answering 20 random questions for you.

1. Things you cannot live without?

Books, my phone and a cosy blanket.

2. Favorite makeup brand?

Ok, I can’t just say one, so: Too Faced, Urban Decay and NYX.

3. Favorite flowers?

We call them “hvitveis” in Norway. The Latin word is Anemone nemorosa.

4. Favorite clothing stores?

BikBok, Urban Outfitters and Monki.


5. Favorite perfume?

I don’t really wear perfume. I don’t mind it on others, but I can’t wear it myself as the strong scents normally just trigger a headache. I think I smell good without though, fingers crossed, haha.

6. Heels or flats?

HEELS. Even though I rarely wear them as I never do anything that requires heels in my boring life.

7. Do you get good grades?

Yup, haha. Or at least I did in high school. Time will show how I do at university.

8. Favorite colors?

Blue and silver.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?

No, I’ve never really liked the taste, or the “energy kick”.

10. Do you drink juice?

Yassss. I love juice, especially orange juice. I also have a favorite that is “strawberry and orange juice”, so good.


11. Do you like swimming?

Haha, hmm, I don’t know. I think it can be fun, but I definitely prefer a pool as I am a bit scared of the “big, dark ocean”.

12. Do you eat chips with a fork?

Chips as in fries, right? If I am in a restaurant, I guess. And sometimes at home, actually.

13. What’s your favorite moisturiser?

Hands down, the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser!! This works wonders if you have dry skin!

14. Do you want to get married later in life?

Yes, do! But I am not in a rush.

15. Do you get mad easily?

I get easily annoyed maybe, as I am a bit unpatient, but I almost never get angry. I like to think that I am quite calm.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?

NOPE. I am soooo scared by the thought of anything supernatural.

17. Any phobias?

Ghosts? Haha. No, not really though. Even though I am fairly afraid of spiders.

18. Do you bite your nails?

It’s not really a habit of mine, but if I get very nervous I tend to do it, unfortunately.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?

No, luckily I haven’t! (*knock on wood*)

20. Do you drink coffee?

No, I don’t. Please tell me I’m not the only 22 year old who doesn’t like coffee? I feel so immature when I go to cafees with people and they order coffee and I’m sat there with my hot chocolate. I just don’t like the taste of coffee and I have no plans on teaching myself to like it.

Hope you liked my take at this little tag. Do we have anything in common? Thank you so much, Sophie, for tagging me. I just think it’s fun to do stuff like this from time to time too. Hope your week is lovely so far.


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30 thoughts on “The 20 Questions Tag

  1. This is such a nice post, it’s always lovely to learn more about the person you follow! Also I don’t drink coffee either and I’m twenty. I just don’t like the taste of it either, it does smell amazing though haha (is that weird?)!!

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  2. The ghost hunting question lol so random, but I’m with you- no way never!!! Sometimes I’ll watch those shows on TV where they go ghost hunting and I’m just like “whyyyyyyyyyyy?!!?!” I’m such an urban outfitters fan, they have the cutest clothes and accessories there- I always find myself wandering into one when I shop in the city. I totally had to look up that flower, its so pretty and so simple. I love the white!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Aww this is such a fun tag! There’s nothing wrong with ordering hot chocolate instead of coffee! Whenever I go out for coffee, I have to order decaf as the caffeine really affects me negatively and I get all anxious! Monki and Urban Outfitters are both great stores! I’ve heard of BikBok but I don’t think we have it here in the UK unfortunately (unless I’m living under a rock and don’t know about it…) haha. It’s so nice finding out little facts about someone! ☺️ xxx

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  4. I know, I love urban outfitters so much, it’s a tragedy we don’t have the store in Norway 😥 Prettiest flower I know, I always go into the forest in spring and make a big bouquet of them! xx


  5. I like this! it is so cute to read what the others like and do. I might do one too 😛
    and this is Hsinwei from I would like to let you know i have moved to under now and will be posting only from there from now. hope to see you there sometimes too. :))

    x Hsinwei


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