Handbag Essentials

Being a student, or just a busy person in general, you’ll know that keeping the right equipment in your handbag can be lifesaving. I am the kind of person that keeps everything I own in my handbag/backpack. It’s what I live in when I go to school and tends to get quite heavy.  I recently purchased a new handbag, which is huge, in order to fit everything in it, and I thought I would give you a little “handbag tour”.

img_3766Introducing: My new handbag. I got this simple, black bag off of Lindex and paid around £38 for it. What I really like about it is how much you can fit in it as well as the simple style of it. For me, a designer handbag isn’t an option yet, as I’m not in the place where I want to or can spend that much money on a bag, but in my opinion the brand of your bag doesn’t matter. What matters is that you like it and that it fits your use.


Firstly, when you live up north and the weather never decides wether to be rainy and foggy or freeze you to death, always bring an emergency hat + mittens. I am now sitting here with a major cold, looking back and regretting some of the days when I skipped this point.


Next up: FOOD. This is such an important point whenever you are out and about either for school or work. Your lunch will keep you going. I didn’t bring that much on this particular day as I only had one class, but make sure to always bring more than you think you’ll need. You will thank yourself later. And most importantly: WATER. Lately I’ve been realizing the importancy of drinking enough water, and after I’ve started to bring my water botttle around everywhere I have so much more energy to get through the days! The easiest pro-tip right there.


Now on to the boring school stuff. As you see, my bag can fit a lot of that too. Right now I’m taking a class in physics, meaning my calculator is my best friend and has to come with me every day. Next up, my “20 brilliant colours“, haha. I am obsessed with using these pens in my notes, and I sure can’t be the only one? I think it’s such a good study tip really – keeps your notes colorfull, fun and organized. What I do is I usually re-write my notes when I get home to get more out of the lesson and to have everything in one place. This works really well for me.


Then we have my calendar, wallet, phone, headphones and lipstick. The main essentials, haha. The lipstick I am currently obsessing over is this gorgeous nude from the NYX liquid suede line called “Soft-spoken”.


I am also a sucker for calendars and this one got me with it’s simple design. I love the cute little “hello’s” for every week. I am trying to be really good and write down everything I need to do and make lists to keep myself organized. Week 3 looks a little bit empty though, woops.

What are your handbag essentials? And do we have any of the same? Let me know. Also, I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts, I’ve been so ill that I’ve literally been glued to my bed the past days. Feeling a lot better now though, and spending my last day as 21 the best way possible: watching Netflix and eating pizza. Yes, tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY, and I’m so ready to be blasting a certain T-Swift song the entire day. I love birthdays and have so much exciting stuff planned for the week that is coming, so keep posted and I’ll see you very soon!


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23 thoughts on “Handbag Essentials

  1. This is so me. My bag is always super packed haha. I always blame it on being a student too. I loved reading/watching this post. It’s currently super cold in The Netherlands too so I will probably put some mittens in my bag too, that’s a super handy tip. I’m always that person who thinks ‘Nah, I don’t need it and then I’m 5 minutes from home and my hands are almost falling of because of the cold!’ Anyways, have a great Sunday! – xo

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  2. My bag is always just as full! I have lots of stuff that is not even necessary oops. Having calendar with is such a handy idea, I really need to buy one too 😇 💪🏼 Hope you had lovely weekend x

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  3. Yayyyy you are back with a post! I’ve definitely missed them and I’m sure others have too ☺️ Glad to hear you are feeling better, though! This bag is so, so classy and sophisticated 😍 Ahahaha I love that you guys have to carry ’emergency hats and mittens’ – so sweet! Carrying snacks is just a necessity and means never going hungryyyyy 🙆 And using colourful pens is one of the things I miss most about lectures haha, although, I never had that many to choose from! I’m also super in love with your phone case, so dreamy and blogger-y. I’m struggling to find one atm. Anyway, just sending some birthday love while it’s still technically your birthday here in the UK!! 💖 xxxx

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  4. Awww, you’re so kind!! Hhah the weather shows no mercy, so it’s important to be prepared! 💪🏻 I live for my phone case too! I found this page with so many beautiful marble phone cases! Will send you the link if I find it again💞 And thank you so much for the lovely birthday wishes girl!!💝 xxx


  5. Oh man you fit so much in your bag!! Hellllooooo lip suede 😉 I always keep that in my purse too, a total must. I also used to be obsessed with colored pens and gel pens when taking notes, I was always so particular about making my notes look pretty; it’d just be much more visually stimulating to look at when I needed to study! Your planner is so cute I love the looks of it on the inside and out!

    xo, JJ

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