Time for a Haul

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you’ve all come off to a good start of 2017! As the title implies: New Year, New Me, New Clothes. Well, not really. I’m actually quite happy with where I am as a person now and for the new year I will try to embrace that and develop even more as a person. Clothingwise I haven’t really found much of any interest in the sales this season, but there are a few pieces that I just couldn’t resist(some of them weren’t even on sale, I just had to have them)!


BikBok Billy Pullover in Pastel Pink.




I feel like this is the type of sweather that you don’t even need to touch to know that it’s soft, you can just see it. And it’s so soft. I’m also loving this pastel pink color as it really brightens up any outfit for winter.


BikBok Will t-shirt with Roses.


I just thought this t-shirt was so cool and unique, and at the same time very simple. Perfect to spice up an all black outfit. I later found out that there’s another version of this t-shirt with little birds on it and it’s so pretty. Perfect to combine with light denim in the summer. I will go back to get it. (Find it here).


BikBok Mia Sweater, Furry Black.



I used to own a sweater like this and I loved it so much, but somehow it just disappeared and I’ve never found it again. So when I found this (almost) replica of it I got really happy. It’s super fluffy and cosy and also really warm.


The next one isn’t clothing, but this beautiful notebook. If you didn’t know I am a great Harry Potter fan and this classic black book caught my eye instantly. Not to mention, I have an obsession for pretty stationairy. The only problem is that it’s so pretty that I don’t want to waste the use of it. I want to use it for something really nice. Any ideas?


Lastly I bought this white lace bralette from Lindex tha I just found so delicate and pretty. It made me think that I need to find a way to combine lace more in my outfits, it can be so beautiful if worn the right way.

Thank you so much for reading. As you may see, I’ve done some small changes to my design. I’m really working on keeping my blog top quality and well written for the new year so that I can be proud of everything I post. I’m thinking about doing a Q&A post some time in the near future as well, so if you have any questions you’re dying to get answered, please include them in your comment, that would mean a lot! Hope you’re all having a great day. You’re all amazing.



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50 thoughts on “Time for a Haul

  1. Seriously how do you look that gorgeous in every outfit? 😍 That furry black sweater is super cute! And that deathly hallows notebook omg I’m obsessed. Didn’t know you’re a fellow potter head. High five! 😘

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  2. I love everything you bought omg 😍 That t-shirt with roses is so beautiful.. I love this whole flower embroidery trend! And that furry sweater looks so warm and cosy, probably perfect for the cold weather!! x


  3. All those items were totally worth getting, sale or no sale 🙂 Love the baby pink sweater on, it goes so lovely with your hair and skin tone! I also love that it has that little turtle neck, it makes it that much more cozier! I’ve been obsessed with bralettes lately I feel like theyre so elegant and I love pairing them with blouses and sweaters, it gives it an extra little ‘sass’ to the outfit!

    xo, JJ

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  4. Happy New Year! Nice to see you are to a happy and jolly start!
    I really like the pastel pink sweater you have on!
    Harry Potter fan too? I’ve just started the fourth book…loving it!


  5. How incredible is that pastel pink jumper?! It looks sooooo soft and fluffy and like something I really, really need in my wardrobe 🙈 I’ll have to go on a hunt for a similar one here in the UK! You look so beautiful in these photos 😍 I completely know what you mean about getting a new notebook and not wanting to ruin it haha. Maybe you could use it for blog post ideas or just anything blog related ☺️ Unless you already have one for that! The small changes you have made to your blog look fab! There’s nothing like a small refresher at the start of the year! It looks really crisp and fresh! Loveeee the header as well 💕xxx

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  6. It’s actually my new favorite sweater, no doubt! I think you would look really pretty in a similar one, so I hope you find one💞 I was thinking about using it for blog ideas and creative ideas in general actually so thank you for the idea! Thank you so much, Millie 💞💞 xx


  7. There’s nothing that marks the beginning of the new year than new clothes! I love your taste for clothes – and that you had a reason to justify your purchase! Not many people justify their purchases, shows that you are a thoughtful shopper. Anyways, thanks for sharing Ingrid and I hope you have a great weekend! Xo, Stephanie

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