What I got for Christmas 2016

Hello everyone! Hope you are all still having an amazing Christmas season, I know I am. Christmas Eve has passed and I thought I’d let you in on the gifts that I received this year. Hopefully, you are as nosy as me and find this post interesting, haha.


First of all, like every year, I got spoilt with so many sweets. The banana candy to the right is sooo good(and extremely sweet, haha) and then of course a marzipan pig and some tiny chocolate covered marzipan pigs. Marzipan is a very popular Christmas treat in Norway.



Then, my sister got me this beautiful phone case from ‘Richmond&Finch’. It’s so posh, but I just love itttt. I haven’t had a case on my phone since I got it because I’m so picky and think the phone looks prettier without, but it’s time to face the fact that it wont last long without a solid case.


My sister also got me loads of these weird hairbands/scrunchies that I think are supposed to be better for yout hair than normail hairbands. They are really comfortable to keep your hair up with and doesn’t feel like they damage it or rip a lot of hairs out. The mittens are from my parents and are Norwegian Selbu mittens with the special Selburose knit pattern. Lovelovelove them and the Christmassy color. Will definitely be wearing these a lot, so please let us have some snow soon!


From my uncle I got this book, which I actually hadn’t heard about, but I think it’s a classic and I am excited to read it! Have any of you guys read it?



From my aunt ant my other uncle and their kids I got these super fluffy baby blue slippers! My sister got the same ones in white and when she opened her present I was like “aww, I want some too” and then I opened mine and they had gotten some for me as well! I have been wearing these all day today, they are so comfy and insanely warm. Definitely the perfect winter gift!

I also got some money for Christmas this year as I, as you may know, am saving up for a bunad. So now I’m a little closer to that goal too! I am so thankful for all my presents, and also so thankful for last night spend with my closest family. It was the perfect Christmas Eve.

Hope everyone who’s celebrated today on Christmas Day have had as lovely a celebration as I had yesterday. My day has been spend in the attire seen above: Penguin PJ’s and fluffy slippers while watching ‘Vampire Diaries’ and digging into a bunch of Christmas leftovers!

Also, today I woke up to 300 followers on my blog! That’s insane and such an amazing Christmas Day Surprise! Thank you all so much for the support and lovely comments both here and on my other social media, you make my day! ♥

Christmas Hugs,



39 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas 2016

  1. Those look like amazing Christmas gifts! And haha, don’t you worry – I’ve been spending most of my Christmas morning on YouTube watching “What I got for Christmas” videos – I’m super nosy as well, ha. Those hair ties are the BEST THINGS EVER! They don’t leave creases in your hair and are loose enough that they don’t hurt you but not too loose that they fall off. Glad you had a great Christmas and hope you have a great time ringing in the new year!

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  2. Aww your presents are absolutely beautiful and so cosy! That phone case is such a dream 😍 Hope you’ve had the best Christmas ever! Which season of vampire diaries are you on? I haven’t watched it in so long and I’m super behind but I really miss the old ones when they were younger! And wow congratulations on 300 followers 😊 🎉 🎈 it must have been such a nice extra present to wake up to! xxx

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  3. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers! I’m almost there, just 10 to go or something! I really like the presents you got. Especially the phone case looks stunning. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas. Love ♥

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  4. hello gorgeous!
    So sweet presents that you received. That hairbands are just incredible amazing, they don’t break your hair like the other ones..

    And congratulations for you 300 followers!! You deserved a lot ❤

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  5. I’m on season 1! I juuust started watching it, meaning I am waaay behind everyone else my age when it comes to the vampire rage 😅 Wasn’t sure I’d like it but so far it’s so exciting! Loving the 2009 fashion going on in the first season hahah. And thank you so much, it really was a nice little extra present! ☺️☺️💞💞


  6. Oooh season 1 is the best! Ahahaha better late than never 😄 It’s nice because it’s not just all about them being vampires but also portrays their normal teenage lives. TV shows like that always make me wish I had grown up in America… it seems way more fun! Ahhhh the fashion haha! My friend Linda and I are sooooo in love with Elena’s hair 💕 And it’s no wonder as your blog is just so lovely – you deserve all the followers out there! xxx

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  7. Sounds like such a literally perfect day!!!! LOVE it. Also I love that phone case- I need a new one so badly! What is marzipan like? I love hearing about different country’s favorite sweets!

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  8. The slippers look like heaven for your feet! I just love anything warm, soft and comfy lol I love the phone case but I totally can’t believe you haven’t had a case on it at all prior to getting this case! But you’re so right a “naked” phone always looks the absolute best. If I could go without a case i totally would too! Congrats on 300 followers! so exciting what a great blogging present 🙂

    xo, JJ


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