Finding the Perfect Christmas Dress

December is here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s also the time where all the Christmas parties start coming around. We all want to look perfect and to stand out in the perfect outfit. I’ve been face down in my computer scrolling through all the online stores, and I thought I’d show you some beautiful party pieces that I’ve found, in case you need some inspiration for how to dress this year. Or if you, like me, just like to dream away looking at beautiful clothes.

Shine and Sparkle1
Gina Tricot | Nelly | Boohoo
I feel like the glitter dress is made for the festive season! The key to finding the perfect sparkly dress is to find one that has the perfect fit, as well as the right amount of glitter, not too little, not too much.

The Little Black Dress
ASOSNelly | Nelly
Sometimes the most simple dress ends up being the most beautiful. I always find so much joy in wearing a simple black dress. It goes with everything, everytime.

Modern, yet Comfy
ASOS | Gina Tricot | Nelly
Or what about not going for a dress at all? Last year my go-to Christmas outfit was a gorgeous red jumpsuit from H&M and everyone was complimenting me on how different it was and how good it looked! Dare to do something new and own the party!

What are you wearing to the Christmas parties this year? And which of the above was your favorite?


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29 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Christmas Dress

  1. Love the black jumpsuit! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough though. I don’t have any Christmas parties to go to at the moment. Nobody I know is throwing any! Need an excuse to dress up and be festive xx

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  2. I totally agree with you about the most simplest dress being the most beautiful sometimes! I love these outfits, fab choices Ingrid!

    I don’t think I’ll be attending any parties unfortunately but if I was to I think I’d choose a nice green sequin dress. I’m obsessed with sequins lately haha! Xx


  3. I really don’t have a Christmas dress…fortunately I won’t be going to any formal parties, either! However, I’m crazy about anything with sparkles, so my favorite dress of the ones you pictured is the sparkly one on the left. I like how it’s modest and simple, yet elegant….
    Hehe…it’s always so much fun to browse through pictures and product catalogs, saying, “I’d want this one,” and yet never actually buying anything. 🙂


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