My Christmas Wishlist 2016

Happy 1st of December everyone! Hope you’ve had a good one! Today welcomed us with snow, which I find is the perfect way to start the festive season! Now, let’s move on to my very first blogmas-post!

Every Christmas it’s the same. The whole year I’ve been thinking about all the amazing things I want, but when December comes around and my parents ask me what’s on my wishlist I never seem to come up with anything! This year I actually do know what I wish for the most and there’s therefore not going to be a lot of stuff on my list. But, I thought I’d share with you some things that I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving even though I’m not putting them on my list this year. Maybe you guys can get some ideas from this as well, either for you own wishlist or for gifts ideas!

1. ANYTHING from the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Box
I mean, look at it. The shades, the glosses, the glitter, the glam, I’m in love. Of course, I find it all waaayy to expensive, but, a girl can dream!


2. A new leather strap for my DW watch
I’ve had my watch for probably like 3 years now and the strap is getting really tired and those little rings that you put the strap into(haha what) have both fallen off, so I will definitely have to purchase a new leather strap, wishlist or not. If you’re looking for a really simplistic watch that never goes out of style I would definitely recommend checking out the Daniel Wellington watches. They recently launched a new one with black leather and a rose gold watch and it’s gorgeous. Mine is similar to the one in the photo.


3. A polaroid printer for my phone
How genious is this? I love the look of polaroids and with a printer like this you can print any picture of your phone into polaroid format. This would be perfect for whenever I move out and want to fill my wall with pictures of family and friends(and my dog and my horses and our bunnies).


4. A trip to New York
As mentioned, probably more than once on my blog, I really want to go back to NYC. Basically dreaming about this city. I would also love to visit Paris. I don’t know, Gossip Girl has a bit too much influence on me, haha.


5. A MacBook Air
I’m currently typing on my HP Pavillion, which it feels like I’ve had forever. Honestly, not a very good computer. It is superheavy and big and the battery is crap as well. As a student none of these aspects fit very well as I’m more in need of a light computer that I can bring to classes and have with me throughout an entire school day without it starting to sound like a bulldozer and making the loudest sound in the auditorium or just dying due to low battery. I’m not putting this on my wishlist yet though as I think I can make my (crappy) computer last for at least half a year more and save up for a Mac in the meantime.


There you have it – some things I really want. But as mentioned, these will not be on my wishlist. First of all because, what an expensive wishlist that would be! And secondly because I already know the one thing I want to put on my wishlist, so there’s no need to put other stuff there just to fill up space. And most of these things above are things I want to save up to myself and buy whenever I feel like I actually have the money for it.

So, let’s move on to the item that’s actually on my Christmas Wishlist, shall we?


This dress. In Norway we have a traditional costume called bunad. You can get these in different variations depending on which part of the country you’re from. Basically it’s just a way of connecting too your roots through you clothing and we really wear it with pride. The bunad is worn on festive days like Christmas and the 17th of May(our constitution day) and can also be worn in funerals. These costumes are very expensive, as they are mostly handmade and it’s very normal to receive them at a much younger age than what I am now. But when I was younger I never really knew which bunad I wanted, which part of my roots I wanted to represent. But I have now decided to go for the Oslo bunad, which is the one in the photo. Oslo born and raised and so in love with my city, as well as how beautiful are these rose embroirderies? And yes, it’s the dresses they wear in Frozen!

I know I’m not going to get the entire costume at once, because it costs so much, but I really want to start saving up for one and therefore it will be the only thing on my wishlist this year. What’s on your wishlist?


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29 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist 2016

  1. That dress you are wishing for is beautiful! I hope you get the money to have it fully ☺️ Also that printer thing is on my wishlist too, it’s so handy! Too bad it’s quite expensive :((

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  2. This is such a lovely post, Ingrid, it really made me smile ☺️ It’s so nice that you want to be more in touch with your roots and what better way to do it than with a beautiful dress! The embroidery on it is so, so pretty. As for the other things, a trip to New York would be so dreamy – especially at this time of year! And the Polaroid printer sounds so cool, I think it’s nice to have the option of a digital and a fun print photo as well! Such a lovely first Blogmas post 🙆 xxx

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  3. This is an amazing wishlist! I feel you with New York, I always wanted to go but since I watched Gossip Girl, I want to go to New York even more! The Kylie Holiday Box products look AMAZING, you should definitely review or at least show them when you get them. I’m so curious for them 🙂


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