Burgundy, Baby

It’s November and almost just a month till Christmas is here. Sadly, our snow has left us and we’re left embracing the Fall season again. Nothing wrong with being able to bring out my brand new bomber for it’s first city walk without freezing my arms off, though.


I’m all about a good color match. Therefore, when I saw this cute little street with it’s burgundy bricks and the red fence in the background I simply had to take advantage. Don’t get me wrong, being all matchy-matchy doesn’t always look fabulous, but I think this combo worked out quite well.






I love finding inspiration in my surroundings. Whether I’m on the bus, looking through the window at home or walking through the park I’m always alert of what’s around me and how it all feels. I think it’s called mindfullness. And I’m so happy I discovered this little street. Think I’ll have to go back one day for more photos. Make sure you always let your surroundngs inspire you and not let you down.Β See the positive side of things.

My outfit details can be found in my previous postΒ here, which is also full of photos inspired by my surroundings. And also, while we’re at the shameless self-promo..(here’s my instaΒ as well).

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. Mine is a chilled one, trying to gather enough energy to survive my exams nest week. Gahh..


46 thoughts on “Burgundy, Baby

  1. I know the feeling, sometimes the most random things can inspire, I love that. Also love how relaxed is your outfit, specially those trousers! Lovely pictures πŸ™‚ RL xx

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  2. I love the color tone of your pictures it really makes the burgundy scarf and hairband pop. It all blends so well right down to the cobblestone pathway. I love discovering little streets and neighborhoods, this was such a good find!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Everything about this post is so perfect! Your photos are sooooo lovely and natural. That street is so cute. And I love the colour coordination – burgundy is such a wonderful colour for this time of the year ☺️ It sounds like the weather you guys have is even crazier than here haha! Love love love xxx

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  4. What a beautiful photo shoot area! And I love your smile. πŸ™‚
    “I love finding inspiration in my surroundings.” — This quote is so perfect…and so true. So many people just walk through life oblivious of their surroundings. Taking time to appreciate what’s around us is mind-opening and, in a way, invigorating as well. Thank you for adding this tidbit reminder to your post!


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