Exploring the Streets of Oslo

I just love living in the city. The raving city life, all the people buzzing around, the tiny cafes on every street corner and the diversity of people and buildings all in one place. On Sunday, me and my friend Elise, decided to explore. We wanted to take some cool pictures and we knew excactly where we could get them.


We went to Grünerløkka in Oslo. Sundays are always market days at Grünerløkka, which means the streets are full of life and there’s always something to look at. Not to mention, the street art around the area of BLÅ is just amazing. This whole area is so urban and exiting.


Outfit details:
Headband – BikBok | Scarf – Monki | Bomber – Monki | Pants – BikBok | Shoes – Converse


This last wall painting is my favorite. I see it everytime I take the tram home from the city. Shows how amazing a childs imagination is in such a sweet way.

This one became a post with more pictures and less words, because sometimes I just feel the pictures tell the entire story for themselves. Quite true that a picture says more than a thousand words.


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49 thoughts on “Exploring the Streets of Oslo

  1. Lovely photos! more of this please 😀 The graffiti make me miss NYC 😦 And you are ROCKING those pants, i mean duh ^^’ My favourite (and former) boss is from Oslo and he’s so cool but never told me about the cool side of the city! I must visit one day (when I stop spending all my money on makeup ahahaha) xoxo

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  2. What an awesome place! The murals are brilliant, I’m always so fascinated that real life hands create those beautiful pieces of art. The coloring is so lively!!! Thankful for blogs like yours because these are things I’d never see on my own let alone know they even existed!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Oslo looks like such an amazing place and it’s on my travel list for the near future! The street art in Grünerløkka (I had to copy and paste this hehe) reminds me so much of Bristol in the UK! It looks really cool and arty. Your outfit looks super cosy I love it ☺️ x

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  4. Ahhhh you’re so sweet! Now we have two plans, NYC and Oslo, battle of the cities hahaha jk jk,
    So sorry my response is so late! It’s been hectic! But I will check out the pics from your shoot 😉 xoxo ❤

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