Whats On My New Phone?

Ok, now I definitely feel like the stereotypical “look what’s on my new iPhone 7”-beauty blogger, but to be fair, I haven’t bought a new phone in 4 years and I am extremely excited about actually owning some new tech. I myself also love to hear how people set up their phones, what apps they love etc, so today I thought I’d share a little bit about my phone with you.


The phone I bought is the new iPhone 7. I thought that if I first were to buy a new phone, I’d might as well go for the newest in store. I got mine in the color rosegold, as every other basic bitch in the universe. But don’t tell me this is not such a pretty color??


The phone comes with the classic iPhone packaging. In the box you get a normal charger plus a pair of headphones. You do not get the hyped wireless headphones, I think these are like some superexpensive business that you need to buy separate. And I don’t mind, because I need the wire on my headphones as a lifeline whenever my phone drops put of my hands. You do get an adapter, though, so that your headphones ar compatible with the plug-in. Would have been a shame otherwise.



When it comes to the question of how much better this phone is from the previous iPhone’s I don’t think I’m the best person to ask. My last phone was a broken iPhone 5, so for me this is a major upgrade and I’m just loving the high tech feel of it all, haha. The camera quality I must say is amazing. Other than that, I don’t know if a normal person like you and me would feel much difference between this one and ex. an iPhone 6s.

Here it is compared in size with the iPhone 5:



(And now you probably understand why I’m kinda happy about a new phone?)

I’m really struggling getting used to the size. My old phone was the perfect pocket/hand size and this is just slightly bigger, but it feels huge. I don’t even dare to text while I walk because I’m scared I’ll drop it. And seriously, where do I keep it? It doesn’t fit in my pocket, haha. Good thing I didn’t go for the 7 Plus.

But hey, enough about the phone, let’s move on to my apps!!


Here you see my homescreen in all it’s glory. Jk, I’m so boring I haven’t even gotten around to getting a personal background yet. The three folders on top say “Extra”, “Travel” and “Fashion”, for those of you that aren’t very fluent in Norwegian. I try to keep my apps to a minimum level as I like it a bit minimalistic, but some are just must-haves. Facebook + the Messenger app comes first. I honestly don’t scroll that much on Facebook, but I definitely use Messenger a lot when it comes to communicating with my friends. The WordPress app is such a good app for commenting/answering comments on the go, plus reading blog posts whenever I feel like it. Then of course, I have a Snapchat. Since I’m a bit boring I won’t share my account her, but let me tell you, I’m such a snapper. Probably the source of most of my friends daily entertainment/annoyance.


I’m cool like that….

Next up, I recently made a blog-Instagram and you are all very free to follow if you want to see more of what I do on a daily basis and get a sneakpeek on future blog posts!


Lastly, I’d like to let you guys have a little look in my “Fashion”-folder. Currently home of three apps: ’tise, ZARA and ASOS.



(From the left: Tise, Zara, ASOS)

The first one, ’tise, may not be that interesting for all of you as it is an all-Norwegian site. But I just love the concept of it. It’s basically an online store, but where you personally can put up your own items for sale or buy items from other persons. The app also has a function where you can adjust it so that all the profit from the items you sell goes to UNICEF – I love that.

Next, there’s the ZARA app and the ASOS app. I bet you are all familiar with these stores, but let me tell you – scrolling through their clothes on your phone is just so easy and so much fun. I actually don’t buy much of any of these apps, it’s more like window shopping for me. But if you were to want an item it is way to easy to just click it home, haha.

I hope this post didn’t get too long and boring, I personally kinda liked making it. What are your go-to apps?

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33 thoughts on “Whats On My New Phone?

  1. Great post! I am looking into a new iPhone – will probably get the SE because I need a small but new phone (it has the same camera as the 6s) would love if you would show how you edit your instagram photos xx💕

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  2. I’ve just recently upgraded my 5s to the same exact rose gold phone, literally best decision ever!!! Everything is faster and the pictures literally look like HD compared to the 5. Although my screen wasn’t ever cracked like that lol i cant believe you went on using it cracked like that- kudos to you girlie! Also, all the apps you have thus far are def the bare necessities!

    xo, JJ

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  3. haahh I’m having the same apps. but instead of tise I’m having depop, that basically is doing the same, you can sell your stuff or buy in second hand.. And I have vsco to edit my pics for instagram ahah.

    I love check what the people having on them phone.

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  4. ASOS and ZARA apps are absolutely essential! And yay for your new phone! i’m jealous over here with my 6, but I am a victim of peer pressure from my bf who says we should wait for the next iphone -.-

    Liked by 1 person

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