10 Fun Facts About Me

I got tagged by the lovely brynncamilla to write 10 facts about me. You should all go check out her facts as well, they’re really fun to read. As I’ve been thinking a lot about making some sort of ‘get to know me’ post, I thought this could be a good start. Here we go:

I. I’m around 5’7, or 172 cm.

I always think it’s a bit fun to hear bloggers actual heigth, because you can never really tell from a picture sometimes.

II. I once sailed with a ship to Shetland.

This was with my folk high school(the school I attended the year after I finished high school). We sailed from Bergen, Norway to the Shetland Islands of Scotland with a huge three-masted sailing vessel, and we were working as a crew on the ship. What an experience.




This leads me to the next fact:

III. I’m freaking scared of heights.

I’m the kind of person that never takes any roller coasters, nor climbs big mountains because whenever I get to high up I can feel my entire body going into a unison NOPE. But this folk high school year was a year for me to really challenge myself and one of the things that I thought of during the entire sailing trip was to climb up to the highest plateau of the mast, which was about 30 meters I think. And you know what? I did it. It was freaking scary and one of my best friends had to climb behind me the entire way, but the feeling I got when I was on top – felt like I had conquered the world, haha.


And the people were walking beneath me like tiny ants.

IV. My family has 5 animals.

As you already may know, I have a dog. But we also have 2 bunnies and 2 horses. I love animals. I have always been surrounded by a lot of animals and can’t really imagine a life without them.


V. I have extremely good memory.

Ok, don’t get freaked out, but I’m the kind of person who will always remember a persons name, or their birthday or what someone told me 2 years ago. I’m also really good at learning lyrics/poems etc by heart. I get so creeped out by my own memory sometimes that I pretend I don’t remember to not seem like a stalker, haha. When it comes to remember doing stuff, like cleaning or doing my homework I’m terrible though.

VI. I can speak 3 languages(or 5 if you will).

First one is of course Norwegian, my first language. All Norwegians also have to learn English in school from about the age of 6, and I would be as brave as to say that I’m close to being as fluent in English as I am in Norwegian. At least, I feel like you guys understand what I write, haha. Schools in Norway also demand that you learn a third language for 3-5 years, and I chose German. I actually learnt German for 6 years in school as I also took a ‘German in-depth’ class my last year of high school. I’m terrified of speaking German though, as there’s so much grammar to remember. And at last, I do understand both spoken and written Swedish and Danish as they are so similar to my own language, and if my life depended on it I could probably speak some phrases on these languages as well.


VII. I might have a slight touch of Misophonia.

Misophonia- ‘selective sound sensitivity syndrome’ is basically when you get annoyed by sounds like the noise of someone eating or coughing etc. These are my biggest pet peeves and I’m so sorry because you can’t actually get mad at someone for ex. sneezing, but sometimes I do.

VIII. I once got kicked in the face by a horse.

Maybe not a fun fact, I guess. Long story short, one of my horses got scared and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit mostly in my stomach/hip but also in my face. I must have the best guardian angels ever because I got away with no internal injuries, just a lot of bruises. I got a trip in an ambulance though. I’m the kind of person that never gets in any accidents, so fingers crossed this was the first and also the last.

IX. I’m a nerd.

Who would have guessed? Ok, you’ve probably already figured. I’m such a nerd and I love it. I read the first Harry Potter book at the age of 7 and I love Harry Potter, reading, writing, learning new facts. I also never had that much against school. It has come a little bit with the years though.

X. I’m a procrastinator.

If it’s procrastinatable, I procrastinate. And I have procrastinated writing my psychology essay since this morning, soo, kinda have to do that now.


(This picture illustrates me trying to reach my goals in life)

Hope this post wasn’t too much me-talk and that you found at least some of these facts a bit fun!



33 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. Aw, I loved reading this! Can’t believe you sailed to the Shetland islands that’s so cool! And yes you’re definitely fluent in English if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were English as you write it very well! Loved learning a little bit more about you xx

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  2. Yay! These are seriously some of my favorite posts! School in Norway sounds so amazing! And look at you with all your languages…I only speak one. I wish that here in the US we all spoke multiple languages. We don’t have much need for them so it isn’t a huge focus. I’m taking French in College so I hope to live in Europe one day to get some practice in 🙂 I am also an incredible procrastinator. Haha! In my current course I’m actually studying the way people learn and perfectionism is a common cause of procrastination. Well, my comment was almost as long as your post…sorry 🙂
    (p.s. I’m 6′ 2″)

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  3. Love it! I think it’s always good to know a little bit more about the person you read. I speak four languages in some of them I’m more fluent and in the other less. They are Catalan, Spanish, English and French.
    I’m also like 1,74 or something like this;)And I also find very interesting knowing peoples height.

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  4. This was so much fun to read! Here in Holland, we also have to learn English from a really young age. (but I’m still not good at it) I also learned how to speak German. I live really really close to Germany so I can practise it a lot and I think I can speak it better than English. But I can better write in English, because as you said, the German grammar is super difficult!

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  5. Yay, I love long comments!! I totally get that you don’t learn that many languages in school when almost everyone in the world speaks English anyways – great you’re learning French though! You should definitely try to come and live in Europe, it would be such an amazing experience! And haha, that isso true. I think mostly I procrastinate because I know that I will spend so much time on it when I first get to it because it has to be perfect! #perfectioniststruggles
    And wow, you are like proper model height! Lucky! xx

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  6. 3-5 languages! cheese and rice girl thats impressive!! awesome blog….and from one blogger to another blogger, I’m 5’5 but im always wearing heels so i guess im typically 5’7 (too) lol

    xo, JJ

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  7. Great getting to know more about you!
    I wish I could speak 5 languages! I’m English, speak fluent Spanish and dabbled in French many a year ago; I can just about get by with it! 🙂

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  8. I speak german too! I was born in germany and I know what you mean with the grammar. I still can’t get my head around some of the stuff haha. Great post, was super fun to read 🙂 xo


  9. Wow you’ve done so many cool things!! I’m so scared of heights too especially roller coasters, being up high is one thing but plummeting through the air with a flimsy harness is something I can’t stomach haha. Congrats on getting to the top of the mast the view must have been incredible xx

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