OOTD: The Perfect Coat

Hello, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week!

To me, it is a week full of studying. I feel like I have so much work to do and I don’t really know where to start. I have been reading and making notes about ‘Motivation and Emotion’ since about 11 am though, so I feel like I’ve been a little bit productive. Anyways, you probably didn’t click this post to hear me complain about uni. Here is my outfit of the day:


| Coat – URBAN | Turtleneck – My mothers closet | Jeans – BIKBOK | Shoes – PAVEMENT | Bag – MICHAEL KORS |

I am wearing my coat from Urban(not Urban Outfitters) which was kind of an impulsive buy from my side last year, and I am so happy I bought it. I got a tip from a friend that they had up to 50% off all their coats, so I just had to have one – what a bargainnn. I have worn it ever since. It is quite thick so you can wear it throughout the winter, but it is also perfect for fall. And I absolutely love the color(is grey a color, haha?)




My Michael Kors bag is the only designer bag I own. I bought it 3 years ago in New York. I have a really ambivalent relationship with this bag. Some days I love it, some days I’m not so fond of it. I think I grew a bit tired when every other girl in high school wore it too. And I don’t like to look the same as everyone, haha. But I do like this bag. I’m really glad I went for the color that I did, though, it’s such a classic and will never really go out of style. It is also a nice medium sized bag that fits a lot.





For the first time since I got it I am not wearing my Kylie lipstick, haha. I still really wanted to wear it, as it would match everything perfectly, but I decided to be brave and switch things up a bit. Therefore I went for the NYX lingerie in the shade ‘Embellishment’ instead. And yes, my hair is in a bun, don’t we all have those days? Haha.

Now I’m gonna treat myself to a beetroot-burger, say whaat? I think it’s gonna taste really good actually. Hope you are all having a wonderful evening. ♥

img_3142(Tried to take a cool photo of me throwing leaves, hahah)


35 thoughts on “OOTD: The Perfect Coat

  1. Oh my gosh stawwp! I’m obsessed with your coat 😍 and I love the purse cause the only color of that purse I seen was black so yours is definitely different and I love it! And girl you throwing those leaves is so precious! When I do it for a picture either the leaves cover my face or something lol 💕 good job on the studying 👏

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  2. That coat is beautiful 😊 I love the setting for your photos here – it looks very cosy! I feel quite similar as you about my Michael Kors bag… a friend once complimented me on it and when I told her that I’d saved up for it she seemed genuinely surprise since she assumed it was a dupe! I think that’s the trouble with super popular bags 😞 x

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  3. Ah I love this! I’m exactly the same with my kylie Jenner lipstick I never wear anything else 😬 you write in such an easy way, lovely x

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  4. Thank you soo much, I’m completely obsessed with it too! And yes, I am really glad I have the purse in a different color. Was actually gonna buy it in black, but then they didn’t have it, but I have no regrets that I bought this one instead! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! ❤ xx

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  5. I love your coat! It looks so warm and cosy 🙂 Also the setting for the pictures is just lovely, giving me such a nice autumn vibes! ps. I really adore your eyebrows they are gorgeous!!

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  6. Beautiful outfit! Can I hire you as my stylist? I literally find at least one piece I want every time you post a new outfit 😀 This time it’s this grey coat! Let the hunt begin hahaha ❤

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