Fall Favorites Tag

Hello you lovely bunch, it’s me. Yes, I am still alive. These last few days had just been extremely hectic. I’ve had school + I’ve been working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Plus, I have also tried to have a life and socialize with my friends. I’m feeling a bit dissapointed in myself for not having posted anything these past days, but I just have not found the time. Also, Fall has come here in Norway, meaning shorter days and it’s getting a lot darker. I’m struggling to find a time of the day where I’m not busy and the sun is still out so that I can take good pictures for you guys.

Anyways, let’s not get all bummed out. Fall is also one of the most beautiful times of the year and even though there’s a lot of dark hours in the day I’m really enjoying all the beautiful colors of the leaves falling to the ground. Dearest Ruth/the10thstreet, who’s blog I absolutely adore, tagged me to do the ‘fall favorites tag’, so I thought I’d let you know some of my fall faves as well as showing some pictures of Fridays outfit.


Favorite candle: Oh, I wish I knew the answer to that, but I’m not really much of a candle person yet. I really want to surround myself with cosy candles that smell nice and I also think they give that little extra autumnal feeling to the room, I just have never been the person to buy candles. I will have to do something about that.

Favorite lip product: First of all I always need to have my Body Shop lip conditioner with me at all times. But my absolute fave lip product this Fall is by far my Kylie lip kit in the shade ‘ginger’. It is the product that I am wearing in the pictures(and that I’ve probably worn almost every day). It’s seriously an amazing lipstick+liner.


Favorite nail polish: ESSIE – ‘smoking hot’

Favorite clothing item: My grey wollen coat – it’s a lifesaver on cold days and it also makes you look like a real fashionista – will feature an outfit with it in a blog post very soon!

Favorite shoes: I always love some plain ankle boots in Fall.

Favorite accessory: A big scarf and some mittens, preferably in a color that pops, ex red or orange to give some color to my usually very grey/monochrome outfits.

Halloween or Thanksgiving? We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway, and Halloween isn’t such a big thing here either. But I’d have to go with Halloween. I’m not crazy about this day of the year, but I do think it’s fun with Halloween makeup looks and costumes.

Favorite drink: A standard hot chocolate, always.


Favorite part of Fall: All the amazing colors on the trees and how the air is so fresh and a little bit colder, without it beein freezing outside.
(“Fun” fact though: We had snow yesterday. SNOW. In October. Ya, I’m outta here.)


These are the accessories of my Friday outfit. Two simple silver necklaces plus a black, floral choker(which broke few seconds after this picture was taken, such a bummer).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. One question: I’ve been thinking about making a vlog from my trip to Copenhagen this Summer as I did a lot of filming, would this be any interesting? Let me know, please.

Also, I’m tagging MermaidmoonChild and Mercy to do this Fall favorites tag!




24 thoughts on “Fall Favorites Tag

  1. Love it 💕 I have a choker exactly like that from Primark! Shitty that it broke! How annoying. Same thing happened to me with a lace choker from ASOS, literally snapped when taking it off 😦 xx


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