Empire State of Mind

These past days I’ve found myself with such an extreme wanderlust. I just want to leave all my responsibilites behind and go out in the world to explore. Mainly big cities. I’ve always preferred a city vacation rather than lying on the beach in some place that looks excactly like any other charter location, with the same bars and the same people.

In the cities you can find so many aspects that fascinate you. I love different city motives, like interesting architecture, funny people and the raving city life in general. These days it’s excactly 3 years since my family and I went to New York, and oh, am I longing back. It’s such a big city and I feel like I didn’t even explore half of it. It is definitelyΒ on the top list of cities I want to go back to.

Sitting here having a walk down memory lane and dreaming of going back I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures that I took from our trip with you.





I actually preferred this to the Empire State Building, just because Empire State is so crowded. The view from Empire State Building is a must as well, though.




To me, even though I loved New York, the city tends to get a little bit overwhelming and suffocating due to the high buildings and the city air. Therefore it was really nice to enjoy the fresh sea air at the dock of Battery Park.















The High Line is basically a park built on an elevated section of an disused railroad in New York. This was one of my favorite walks that we had. I love how concrete and bricks were mixed with green leaves and flowers.


Hope you enjoyed this little artsy photo post. If yo couldn’t tell, I love trying to capture theΒ life in abig city in a picture.

What are your favorite cities that you want to travel back to the most?



20 thoughts on “Empire State of Mind

  1. I love these kinds of posts! Such gorgeous photos and that one of the bench made my heart melt a little. I’d love to go to NYC and I’m totally with you on city breaks over beach holidays, especially if you like to explore. Really nice photos, Ingrid! xx

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  2. Dubai and new york are my dreaming places. I never been there before, but I would like to. Or I’ll visit soon ❀
    Its complicated when you living 2500km away from your family, so when I'm on my holidays I only want to go to visit my family, to times a year 😦 so sad.. but I decided that from next year I'm gonna visit more places instead to go only to my country. so dubai and new york are on the list (so exciting) ❀


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  3. Ahh I love, love this place! I’m actually like on the complete opposite side and I love beach vacations. I don’t know why, they all seems to look the same but I love them! Hahahahah makes me want to look back on my Maldives trip.. Hmmm maybe I should do a similar post on that! Great post, Ingrid love it! 😍 😘

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  4. Ahhhh my home! If you ever plan another trip and I happen to be visiting my parents, we must meet! Lovely shots of the absolute best city in the world (in my biased opinion hahahaha)

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