Can I Bake?

The instant answer to that would be no. I am by no means what you would call a natural talent in the kitchen. But I still really like the thought of baking and making amazing instagram-friendly (#inspo #goals) cakes. So this is the story of what happened when yours truly decided to step inside the kitchen and attempt some baking.

I decided to bake some miniature cakes which I have no idea what are called in English. In Norway we call them ‘linser’, which directly translates into ‘lenses’. Soo, that’s what were gonna call them(please let me know in the comments what they’re really called). The lenses consist of a shortcrust pastry filled with vanilla cream. And yes, I was gonna make it all from the bottom.

First step is to make the shortcrust pastry as this needs to be cooled down in the fridge for some hours.


To make this pastry you will need:

100g icing sugar
200g margarin/butter
300g flour
1 egg
2 ts cold water



Preciseness is very important when it comes to baking, boys and girls. Nailed it. And if you feel distracted by the tiny amount of flour on my kitchen table you should have seen the rest of the kitchen when I was done baking. Some things are best left unseen for the public eye..


Then you wrap your (perfect) shortcrust pastry in some plastic foil, pat it friendly and put it in the fridge. Next it’s time to make the vanilla cream.


To make the cream you’ll need:

1/2 l milk
100g sugar
35g corn flour
1/3 vanilla bean(if that’s what you call it)
4 egg yolks

And this is when it gets risky you guys, because boiling milk isn’t for amateurs. Luckily I am a fully responsible adult who knows the safety procedures for boiling milk.


(The black spots in the milk are from the vanilla bean, which apparently you’re supposed to leave in there while it boils) I managed(to my own surprise) to make a somewhat decent looking vanilla cream and danced a little dance of victory when I put it into the fridge.


Then came the easy part which turned out to be the freaking hardest part – putting the dough into the cupcake forms. My shortcrust pastry was what you’d call a little bit(read:insanely) sticky and frantically addingΒ flour wouldn’t help me out even slightly. It may look all nice and tidy in the pictures, but this process was a whole lot of blod, sweat, tears and my patience running very low.



But hey, never give up on your dreams(that would be the moral of this blog post, I guess). I managed to fill all 10 cupcake forms with pastry and vanilla cream. Then I popped them in the oven at a 190 degrees for 25 minutes.


When I looked at them in the oven, they didn’t look much like the pictures in the recipe and I felt my heart weep a little bit inside. But then, my friends. THEN I took them out after 25 minutes and they suddenly looked somewhat decent. Or you know what, I’ll say it, they looked kinda good(whaaat?). I sprinkled them with some icing sugar and this is the finished result:



They look kinda tasty don’t they? As you probably can tell I am a little bit proud of my accomplishments in the kitchen. I would have never thought they would even stick together. Moral of the story? Never give up, haha.

How are your baking skills? Should I try to bake more in order to mak more baking posts?
Have an amazing Sunday evening!




23 thoughts on “Can I Bake?

  1. They look soo good! 😍 and when it comes to cooking some people can burn spaghetti! So to me this was a HUGE success!! (Okay maybe it was me who burnt spaghetti but I’m working on it πŸ˜‚) xx

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