OOTD: She Wore Blue Velvet

Bluer than velvet was the night
Softer than satin was the light


Look what came in the mail today! My new skirt and my new handbag! I was so overwhelmed with exitement that I had to wear them right away.
The skirt and the purse is bought off of nelly.com. You can find them here and here.



I instantly fell in love with both the bag and the skirt, and I also just love this outfit as a whole. The skirt is so soft, you can’t even imagine. And the color is just such a beautiful deep velvet blue. The handbag is so much bigger than it looks, which was a pleasant surprise. I like it when fashion has a practical side to it and this purse is perfect for a night out when you might need to fill your bag with extra make up, socks, stockings, breath mints or whatever people like to stuff their bags with.




Something even more perfect is I just got invited to a concert tonight with one of my best friends. Which means, I get to wear this out already tonight! We are going to an arrangement called UKA(the week) which is held at the University of Ås, a beautiful university on the countryside. UKA consists of a lot of concerts and we are at least going to one of them where a Norwegian girl band called Razika plays. They are kinda awesome.


What are you guys up to tonight? Hope you’re having an amazing night. Here’s a little sneakpeak of the band we’re gonna see:



28 thoughts on “OOTD: She Wore Blue Velvet

  1. Glad to hear! And in continuing the coincidence topic, I just received a similar skirt today, in a nude shade 😀 no velvet but still 😀 SO going to copy how you wore yours ^^ xoxo

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