Fall Fashion Essentials

With the new season comes the urge to renew my wardrobe, adding in some Fall essentials. This Sunday has been spent drooling over nelly.com, trying to make up my mind about what items I need this Fall. Yes, need, not want, need(or maybe just really, really want, ok).

1. The Bomber


Something I’ve been sure about for a long time is that I really want to jump on the bomber jacket trend. I already have a trenchcoat which is perfect for Fall, but for those more casual occations I figured a bomber would be perfect. Also, not all outfits look good combined with a long jacket, so I realy want a short jacket for fall as well. When it comes to color, I think the ones in burgundy or khaki green look supernice. But I still think I might go for an ordinary black one, as it’s a bit more versatile.

2. Blue Velvet
This skirt was something I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it. It’s not something I’d usually wear and I’m really unsure wether I should get it or not, but I just love the look of it.

It looks somewhat unique and different and I really try to push myself into being more daring in my style.
I’m just imagining this with a plain white top and a cute little vintage hand purse. That would look amazing.

What do you guys think?

3. Boots Season


Something to rock up every Fall outfit is definitely a pair of boots like these. Imagine these with a bomber jacket and some washed out denim jeans!

4. Carry Me

This black little purse is just the thing I’ve been looking for. I am getting tired of my old one and I really want one with kind of a “vintage flair” to it. Next when it comes to bags, I’m really considering buying the Fjällräven Kånken backpack as I am in need of a new backpack for school. The burgundy one is by far my favorite.

So that’s the fashion items that I am most caught up with at the moment, but trust me, there will be more, as I can’t stop scrolling the online shop sites of Nelly and ASOS, gah. Hope your all having a chilled out Sunday.

Lastly, I also really, really want a MacBook Air, so if anyone wants to buy me one, that’d be great.


25 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Essentials

  1. Bombers are all over and very trendy I wish I could pull of one but I don’t think my style would suit. The blue skirt is simply beautiful I have one just like it would look perfect with a white turtle neck jumper!!! Xx


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