The Most Amazing Artist

Cue music:

Today I want to talk to you about the person I with certainty call my favorite artist. Meet Aurora Aksnes, a 20 year old Norwegian singer/songwriter. Her voice as beautiful and breathtaking as the nature phenomenon that is also part of her name, Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights.


Aurora started writing lyrics at the age of 9, which is just unreal. Her lyrics show so much love, pain, joy and a tiny bit of insanity all at the same time. And her melodies has such a magical sound to them. I may sound like I’m exaggerating, but to me, her music is pure magic and her songs has genuinely helped me through so much. Songs that are vulnerable and at the same time amazingly brave. And honestly, nothing lights up my day like watching an interview with Aurora. She’s just the sweetest girl and has the most interesting thoughts living in her mind.



I just really wanted to share this artist with you. And it may sound weird, but I just feel so proud that someone so amazing comes from my little country. Aurora has had so much success these last years as well. You may have heard her singing a cover of Oasis’ “Half the world away” for the John Lewis Christmas advert, or seen her singing her own original song “Conqueror” live at the Jimmy Fallon Show, and in March 2016 she released her debut album “All My Demons Greating Me as a Friend” , which is hands down my favorite album of 2016. I just don’t seem to grow tired of her songs. Another thing worth mentioning is her presence on stage – it is so real and she has a special way of feeling the music and moving to it.

I really hope you want to check out her album, because as much as I want to keep this amazing artist for myself I also really want to share her with the entire world.

If you’d like more musical posts like this, it would be really fun to get to recommend some other Norwegian artists to you as well! Let me know in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Artist

  1. Wow, she has an incredible voice!! You should make some more music recommendation posts, you can tell how passionate you are about it through your writing! Lovely post Ingrid, it’s nice to find out what music other people are into xx

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