Tryna’ be like Kylie

Well, look what came in the mail yesterday! Let’s just say, I had a little weak moment last week. As Kylie Cosmetics had $5 off their shipping, I found out that it was time I took the plunge. Firstly, I am very impressed that it took only a week to get here, as it was said to take up to two weeks – a pleasant little surprise!


I was experiencing a huge dilemma trying to choose the right color to order, as it seems to me that the shades look extremely different on everyone depending on their skin tone. Being awfully pale, I struggled to find a review showing the lip kit on a skin tone similar to mine, so I had to just go with the guts. And my guts told me that I reaaally should get ‘Ginger’. So that’s what happened.


This is what is looks like straight outta the box(as you’ve all probably seen before).


And here we have the oh so famous lipstick and lipliner.
Firstly, the lipliner comes on really softly and gives the lips a light orangy color. I could totally wear this lipliner alone. Next, applying the lipstick I was immediately surprised by how well the color suited me. I had been a bit scared as I did imagine it to look very dark on me, but it was actually just the color that I’d hoped it would be, yay. The lipstick dries incredibly quick and gives a lovely matte finish. Kinda had to take some pictures of this successful buy. And who says you can’t wear an off the shoulder dress in this cold?





The thing that definitely got me the most about this lipstick was the color. I’m usually not a huge fan of products like this that gets so much PR only because it is from one specific brand, and I didn’t originally plan to buy a lip kit. But as the rage only kept going I figured that there might be something in it, and there was. It is truly a quality liquid lipstick and I LOVE the result it gives. To say something negative as well, it did come of a bit streaky if I looked very closely, and I think this will be the same for most of the darker colors, but that’s just me being very picky. They are also quite expensive, with the cost of $29 per kit. And I don’t doubt that you can get soo many good drugstore lipsticks for the same price.


Exited to see if this will last me a whole day of eating, drinking and working. Hope you liked my first product review, and please let me know your thoughts on the Kylie lip kits in the comments.

Have a lovely Friday!


12 thoughts on “Tryna’ be like Kylie

  1. This is such a perfect colour for you! You picked right!! Hope you do an updated review when you’ve had this for a while, I wanna know if it’s worth the money but great post as always – love the photos 💕 x

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  2. Loved the review! You’re really tempting me to try one for myself! And that colour looks sooo amazing on you! But I’d love to see an updated review too, see how you feel after wearing it a few times! ☺️💕

    Liked by 1 person

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