OOTD: Lazy Wednesday Morning

Today I didn’t have my lecture until 12. This resulted in a sleep-in followed by a lazy morning with a book and a cup of tea in bed, absolutely perfect. Fall has come and the temperature is sinking rapidly, which means the sweater weather has officially begun.


Sweater – H&M // Jeans – BikBok




Watch – Daniel Wellington // Ring – Glitter

For someone who never has time for her makeup I was a bit bold today and went both for a red lip and a winged eyeliner. And honestly, it didn’t turn out that bad.


Current read: The third volume of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. And next to it, my favorite tea cup filled with Indian Chai. Yes, I had the most chilled out morning ever.

Now it’s time for me to sit down and get some studying done. Really don’t want to though… How has your Wednesday been so far? I’d love to know! ♥


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14 thoughts on “OOTD: Lazy Wednesday Morning

  1. As usual loved the post! Still am amazed how you get all your pictures to look so effortless and charming! 😍 compared to yours my day was terrible… arriving for class at 8 to find the teacher forgot to tell you it’s cancelled… 😭😂💕

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  2. Makeup on pointttt!! I too had a lazy morning after a 10-9 at uni yesterday – well deserved, I reckon. I need to get my head down and do some work too, but I’m distracted by reading blog posts (including this one) xx

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  3. Thanks, girrrlll!! Yes, that was a well deserved lazy morning because, wow, that’s a long time to spend at uni! I’m also so distracted by eveything else, haha, but I’ve managed through one chapter now so I’m moving slowly forwards, haha xx


  4. Lovely post as always I look forward to your posts now! My week has not been so good really productive but I am over tired and my anxiety has been the worst I love coming here to read though its like a little escape xx


  5. Thank you so much for your kind words, makes me so happy to hear! Really sad to hear about your anxiety being so bad this week – hope it gets better with some rest over the weekend. And also, I’m so happy if my blog posts can work as an escape – makes my day if I can make someone else’s day just a little bit better xx

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