Something To Watch

I’m not gonna lie, I am what you would call a YouTube addict. You name it, I’ve watched it. Every single cat video there is. Haha, just joking. But there is something extremely relaxing and fun about watching other creators content on YouTube and getting inspired by it. To me, some YouTubers are a great inspiration. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorites with you today.


Fabulous Hannah

This channel I actually just stumbled across one day as I was searching for ‘hairstyles for short hair’ and it quickly became one of my favorites. Hannah may seem like your typical blonde beauty blogger, but this girl has so much personality and it really shines through in her videos. One of my favorite things about Hannah is her natural wit and quick comments and the fact that she’s not afraid to make jokes about herself, for example in her ‘Attempting to bake’ – videos, which are my favorite series on her channel.

Fav vid so far: “BAKING MY 18TH BIRTHDAY CAKE!”



Sandra is a Polish YouTuber that I discovered through Fabolous Hannah’s channel and I instantly subscribed. First of all, I love discovering bloggers that aren’t necessarily from the UK or the US, not because I don’t love these bloggers, but being from a non-English-speaking country myself, I think it’s really fun  and inspirational to follow bloggers from a variety of different countries. What I love the most about Sandra’s videos is that she is so creative and original in the making of her content. I also LOVE her blog, where she posts so many amazing outfit photos + writes about things that actually really matter.

Blog: They Call Me San

Fav vid so far: “BACK TO SCHOOL: OUTFIT IDEAS 2016”


Mandeville Sisters

If you are not yet familiar with Grace and Amelia Mandeville I suggest you catch up ASAP. The two sisters(not twins!!) never fail to make my day with their videos. They are also extremely good at addressing important issues like self-confidence, and the fact that nobody is perfect and our flaws are what form us as human beeings and make us special.

Fav vid so far: “WE ARE NOT PERFECT”

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post. It was a little bit different from what I’ve been writing on my blog so far, but I simpy choose to write about whatever falls into my mind, be it fashion or just total randomness, and I hope you will still read it! Do check out these YouTubers though, they’re awesome.


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16 thoughts on “Something To Watch

  1. Self proclaimed addict also!! I love Hannah Renee, Fashion Mumblr, Lizzy Hadfield, Megan Ellaby, Becca Rose, Shaaanxo, Helen Anderson etc etc I could literally go on forever. I also love watching the SacconeJoly’s haha. This has given me an idea of what else to watch though! Thanks for the recommendation x

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