OOTD: Sunday Vibes

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Being a horsegirl it means you sometimes have to get up a little too early in the weekend because you’re f.ex going to ride for a trainer who’s flewn all the way from Denmark. Which is fun and educational, by all means. But you do question every choice you’ve ever made when the alarm ruthlessly tears you away from your sleep at 06.30 AM on a Sunday morning. Anyways, the lesson went good and my horse is the best and all that jazz.

Normally Sunday is my ‘spend all day in my PJ’s’ day, but today my grandpa invited us out for dinner in the evening, which meant I actually had to make an effort with my outfit.

Shirt from New Yorker//Black jeans from BikBok//Boots from Pavement


Accessorized with a minimalistic silver ring from ‘Glitter’

The thing about this outfit is that it is super comfy, as well as it still looks(in my opinion anyways) classy and simplistic. The best of both worlds.
Dinner was so so nice. It’s been a long time since we all got together and ate out and I truly appreciate those family evenings. I even had a glass of red wine(such adult, I know).


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday!


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